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About Dr.MOZ: Myth, or Moose. M.D.?

Dr.MOZ travels the world prescribing unique gifts, gear, and online resources designed to help modern parents celebrate and prepare for the big events that matter most in life. From The GoodFather line of gifts for expecting fathers to Stork Tools line of daddy diaper bags, the moose M.D.'s first "healthy dose of fun" TM focused on providing new and soon-to-be fathers useful parenting tools in the form of fantastic gear, apparel, and interactive elixirs!

Now found in leading baby boutiques, maternity stores, and specialty gift shops around the world, Dr.MOZ is feverishly working away to extend his offerings to the rest of the family. In addition to his growing collection of gifts, Dr.MOZ also supports modern families with his network of online resources including popular baby blogs, parent group listings, and some of largest birth educator directories in the world.

Keep an eye open for your favorite moose M.D. because you never know when he'll arrive at your baby shower or special event!

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