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Welcome to Dr.MOZ's ever-growing list of friends and parent resources! This friends page is for fellow manufacturers in the baby, materntiy, and children's industry, but we also trade links with bloggers and boutiques. Follow this link to learn more about exchanging links with Dr.MOZ.


Dr.MOZ's Baby and Parenting-Related Friends

Baby Products, and Online Parenting Resources

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Baby/Birth Announcements, Baby Showers, and Birthday Parties

Baby & Birth Announcements | Baby Shower Information | Birthday Parties

Healthy Links

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Baby Products and Related Baby and Parenting Resources


Baby Products:

-Baby Wit: Baby Wit creates radical kids t-shirts, alternitive coloring books, and funky clothing that show the world your baby has serious style!

- Bum Bum Balm: Canada's favorite 100% natural diapering salve "Bum Bum Balm" from Munchskins Skin Care is coming to USA in 2007!

- Body After Baby: Book Body After Baby helps pregnant women with eating,
nutrition, and exercise during their 30 day period after pregnancy.

- Born Hip: Hip and cool baby clothes for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

- Casting Gifts: 3D handprint and footprint casting kits and shadow boxes for baby and child, as well as belly cast kits for expectant moms.

- The GoodFather: The popular gift CD-ROM packed in a custom gift box which teaches new and expecting dads baby skills to a fun parody of the mobster epic most men know and love. For the baby he can't refuse by Dr.MOZ!

- The Great Big Baby Boutique List: Looking for cool baby stuff? If so, visit Dr.MOZ's Great Big Baby Boutique List which is our moose-sized directory of baby boutiques, maternity stores, children's stores, and specialty gift retailers!

- There's Magic in Your Name: If you are looking for a truly unique collection of baby names with over 17,000 names, There's Magic in Your Name by Marty Wilson is a great choice!



Baby Links, and Related Baby Resources

Baby Shower Information:

- Baby-Shower-Party.com: Baby shower games, favors, recipes, and baby shower ideas.


Birth Announcements:

- Birth Announcements on DrMOZ.com: Send us a picture of your new baby and we'll post it to our baby announcements page for the world to see on DrMOZ.com!

- Busy Bee Announcements: Busy Bee Announcements offer high quality and affordable photo birth announcements, invitations and more.

- Charming Cards: Charming cards, personalized stationary, notecards, custom stamps, paper products and gifts.

- MagneticMessengers.com: Premium quality magnetic photo cards.

- New Baby Wishes: Collection of cute ecards to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

- The Pinchy Crab: Fine personalized stationery and gifts including birth announcements, party invitations, Christmas and holiday cards, ceramic gifts and more.

- Tiny Prints: Unique birth announcements, baby shower invitations, and baby shower favors.


Birthday Parties:

- Kids Birthday Party Guide: This amazing birthday party resource has over 40 character themes for planning birthday parties for children, not to mention healthy recipes for your parties and a special section on Pinatas!



General Baby/Toddler & Parenting Links

- Adoption Directory by Dr.MOZ: Adoption resources in the USA arranged by state.

- American Academy of Pediatrics: Health resources for parents and clinicians.

- American Red Cross: Find your local infant and child CPR training center.

- Baby Name List: The Dr.MOZ baby name list includes the top 700 baby boy names and 700 baby girl names in the USA.

- Baby Name List for Twins: The Dr.MOZ baby name list for twins includes 101 of the most popular names given to twins (boys and girls) in the last year.

- Big Apple Speech Guy: Pediatric speech lanugage pathologist providing: pediatric speech, language, feeding, and social skills therapy in NYC.

- Car Seat Recalls: Recalls for independent child and booster seat manufacturers.

- The Doula Directory: The Dr.MOZ doula list is one of the most complete directories of doulas, widwives, and birth educators available. The list is currently USA only (sorted by state), but we hope to include new countries soon.

- JPMA: The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is a national trade organization developed to help parents select juvenile products built with safety in mind.

- Medline Plus: Infant and toddler development information by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

- National Network for Immunization Information: Providing the public, health professional, policy makers, and the media with up-to-date immunization information.

- Say and Play: A Manhattan-based speech therapy company led by Speech-Language Pathologist Stephanie Sigal.




Resources and Groups for Moms

- 4woman.gov: A variety of of useful answers to common questions about pregnancy, fertility, labor and more.

- American Academy of Pediatrics: AAP's online breastfeeding resource page including answers to common questions, correct latch on and let down, and help with special challenges while breastfeeding.

- Baby Bites NYC: Hosts luncheons for new moms and their babies as well as dinners for expectant moms and dads.

- The Doula Directory: The Dr.MOZ doula list is one of the most complete directories of doulas, widwives, and birth educators available. The list is currently USA only (sorted by state), but we hope to include doulas from around the world soon.

- The La Leche League: A mission to "help mothers worldwide to better breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education."

- The Lactation Consultant Directory: A list of lactation consultants arranged by state to provide breastfeeding support to mothers.

- Momz.com: Momz offers web resources including a directory of mom links and mom articles.

- National WIC Association: Promotes quality nutrition services for all eligible women, infants and children.

- United States Breatfeeding Committee: Aims to improve the Nation's health by working collaboratively to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.


Parenting Blogs, Baby Gadgets, and Related Blogs/Websites:

- Dear Dr.MOZ : Do you have a question for Dr.MOZ about baby products, current events effecting modern parents, or creating a healhty lifestyle for you and your family? If so, visit your favorite moose at "Dear Dr.MOZ" because the doctor is in!

- Dr.MOZ's Baby Blog Directory: We had so many baby blogs, mommy blogs, daddy blogs, and related baby gear/gadget blogs, we gave them their own page! Let us know if you don't see your blog (or your favorite baby blog) in the mix.



Healthy Links

Healthy Dogs

- The Doghouse Kitchen : Organic dog treats for your best friend. Try all of their five healthy treats that your dog will love and don't forget to order The Doghouse Kitchen's world famous Beefday Cake for your pup's special day!

Healthy People and Positive Projects

- Compass Project: Mission to "use boatbuilding, rowing, and sailing to provide positive direction to youth by encouraging the development of personal and community responsibility."

- Action for Healthy Kids: A nonprofit organizatino formed specifically to address the epidemic of overweight, undernourished and sedentary youth by focusing on changes at school.

- Josie King Foundation: The Josie King Foundation’s mission is to prevent others from dying or being harmed by medical errors. By uniting healthcare providers and consumers, and funding innovative safety programs, they aim to create a culture of patient safety, together.

- The Patient Safety Group: The Patient Safety Group's mission is to encourage a culture of safety by providing tools that allow health care organizations the ability to communicate, collaborate, improve and share.


The "Others" List

Animation, Artists, Design, Graphics, Movies, Software, Tech and the Business Thereof

- BenWalkerArt.com: One of our favorite west coast illustrators, Ben Walker is a popular artist covering everything from character animation to music production from his California studio.

- Carbonite: Carbonite provides a secure software service that automatically backs up everything on your PC over the Internet for under $5 per month. Trials are free and you'll receive a free month added to your subscription by using this Dr.MOZ link when becoming a subscriber.

- cgCraft: A full-service web, print, and new media studio, specializing dynamic web design and 3d animation.

- Dosize: A great online tool to help resize and send your digital images online in 3 easy steps.

- Etsy: A unique online store/showcase allowing people to buy and sell "all things handmade".

- Fay Design Studio: Located in the heart of the historic Napa Valley, Fay Design Studio specializes in bringing unquie handmade products including: grapevine wine racks, barrel furniture, and garden accessories.

- Kerplunk Design: A great design house which creates innovative web, print, and corporate id material.

- Laboy Entertainment: Follow the environmentally conscious adventures of Poyi and Ubo.

- Mojizu: A contemporary character design community (in beta) allowing artists from around the world to showcase their characters, win prizes, and exchange ideas with likeminded artists.

- Mozilla: A great group of developers creating popular products such as the award-winning Firefox Web browser and Thunderbird email client.

- Point Reyes Pictures: One of the up-and-coming independent film companies in northern California, Point Reyes Pictures is best known for their highly anticipated ESP Affair coming soon to a screen near you!

- Scent Design: The first online store of it's kind, Scent Design allows you to create your own personal fragrance by mixing premium scented oils.

- Spinapse: A great line of family-friendly software including Piano Head and the popular Photo Hunt series.

- Zingtime: Go to Zingtime for full software development services.



Steps for trading links with Dr.MOZ:

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(2) Contact us with your reciprocal link to any portion of the Dr.MOZ website, and be sure to provide the necessary information specific to the Dr.MOZ page you like to be included in. Feel free to use one of the graphics below to link to Dr.MOZ

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Thank you for your interest in linking with Dr.MOZ!




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