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Ismoka/eleaf iJust D14 Review - Father's day gift for New Dads

Life would be changing for expectant dads or new dads. Life would never be the same again like they are still single. Pressure and stress are also felt by fathers especially for first timers. There will be lots of thoughts running on their mind on how to be a father. Father's day would be the newest celebration that will be experience with the new dads and they deserve to have one. They need to feel how blessed they were to be a father and how important they are. Gifts during the day would be one thing on how to show them they are appreciated. One gift idea for new dads is an e-cigarette, especially to those who are smoker dads. You can check this e cig wholesale store for latest devices in the market.

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Eleaf iJust D14 is one device that is good for gifts. Eleaf iJust D14 can be purchased with or without a glassomizer tank. It is very easy to use and is a very attractive device. D14 is available in 650mAh and 900mAh. It has variable voltage, with a 3.3v to 5v range with a maximum output of 10w. D14 is 510 and eGo threaded. Aside from the variable voltage feature, the D14 is a 5-click on/off battery. It has a large LED readout located on the end cap of the battery. The LED that you can see will display the current voltage, remaining power of the battery in percentage, a puff counter and a puff timer. D14 is also a pass-through device. You can still use it while the device is recharging. You can see the USB port on the battery that is up to about an inch below the firing button. According to eleaf iJust D14 wholesale distributor, this device has a safety features for the vapers to be at ease in using it. It has a short-circuit protection and low-voltage protection.

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