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Kayfun 4 Review - Vapor Shop Vendors Look Here

As we all know, kayfun has been known for creating products that produces great vapour and flavour in one. No doubt, Kayfun 4 is included in those creations and is an incredible tank. Ask this to Kayfun V4 wholesale distributor and they will surely give you a 100% approval for this kayfun 4.

If you have tried using kayfun V3.1 or lite kayfun 4 is very similar. It's the convenience that has changed a lot. It is easier to fill the tank, no gurgle sounds or leaking and it is more reliable. Kayfun V4's air flow has improved a lot. It produces very little noise and is very smooth. If you are looking for good volume of vapour and excellent saturation, try kayfun 4 and you can say it really is the device that you are looking for.

To give you an overview, kayfun 4 has a lot of features to look forward to. An open/shut liquid control, an airflow control and the coil can be accessed anytime. Because of liquid air control flow you can manually adjust the amount of fluid desired to saturate wick. It also allows the user to shut off fluid transfer from tank to deck when not in use. Filling is through the top cap, that is why there is no leaking and flooding. Kayfun 4's deck can be removed even without draining the liquid. There are also 3 available tanks that you can choose in kayfun 4. You can have borosilicate glass, a polycarbonate tank and steel tank.

The next time you visit to Hawk Vape stores better ask for kayfun 4 to try and be the one who can experience what kayfun 4 can give to every vapers. If you are looking for a device that can offer you great flavour and excellent vapour, kayfun 4 is the one.

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