The Dr.MOZ Lactation Support Directory
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Dr.MOZ's Lactation Support Directory includes midwives, nurse-midwives, doulas, La Leche League (LLL) members, and childbirth educators trained in helping mothers breastfeed their babies. The lactation consultants below have been submitted by happy clients, colleagues, or themselves, and have not been screened by Dr.MOZ. Like the doulas listed in our doula directory, we always recommend checking references for those providing lactation support and childbirth education services.

Common Breastfeeding Question: What are the benefits of breastfeeding to a baby and mother?

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Lactation Consultants in the USA
Lactation Support the USA: Please choose your state of interest below




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Alabama:

(alphabetical by city/town/county, AL)

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Anniston, AL
Jennifer Gallahar, RN, BSN, IBCLC N.East AL Medical Center
(256) 235-5132

Birmingham, AL
Dalia Abrams MA, MPH. Breastfeeding Counselor, Certified Childbirth Educator, Parenting Educator
BirthWell in Birmingham
(205) 595-5179

Birmingham, AL
Shawn L. Dillon, RN, BS, IBCLC, RLC The HUG Center
(205) 945-7055

Crossville, AL
Marsha Bearden, RN, IBCLC, RLC Mothering from the Heart
(256) 528-7953


DeKalb County, AL
Jolie, La Leche League
(256) 605-2072

Huntsville, AL
Sandy Bevill, RN, IBCLC The Women's Center
(256) 533-8120

Madison County, AL
Elizabeth, La Leche League

Mobile, AL
Elizabeth, La Leche League

Mobile, AL
Judy, La Leche League



Birmingham, AL

Kate Hogeland

Additional Areas Served: Trussville, Alabaster, Pelham, Hoover, Gardendale, Mountain Brook, Homewood
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: I am currently offering breastfeeding classes and support services. I have been trained as a breastfeeding educator through Aviva Institute. I am always seeking out more knowledge and learning opportunities. Someday I hope to be an IBCLC.

I have breastfed three children of my own. I bring passion, knowledge, and experience to my classes. I look forward to sharing all this with you!
Company Name: Mother Nurture
Phone: (205) 213-7250

(Membership Ends: 3/16/12)





Montgomery, AL
Amanda, La Leche League

Montgomery, AL
Cher Sealy, RN, BSN, IBCLC
The Breastfeeding Encounter
(334) 272-MILK

Montgomery, AL
Heather, La Leche League

Montgomery, AL
Michelle, La Leche League

Montgomery, AL
Micki, La Leche League

Opelika, AL
Mary Ruth Lawrence, RN, LC Alacrity Lactations
(334) 821-4766

Pell City, AL
Alicia, La Leche League
(205) 884-0804

Shelby County, AL
Tonya, La Leche League

Tuscaloosa, AL
Mimi, La Leche League
(205) 752-2376





Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Alaska:

(alphabetical by city/town, AK)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Anchorage, AK
Roberta Shuck, RN, IBCLC Alaska Native Children's Center, Dept of Pediatrics ANHC
(907) 729-1015

Anchorage, AK
Faith, La Leche League "AM"
(907) 278-2345

Anchorage, AK
Mindy, La Leche League "PM"
(907) 622-3888

Anchorage, AK
Claire, La Leche League "PM"
(907) 322-0472

Big Lake, AK
Terriann Shell, IBCLC, RLC, ICCE
(907) 892-8848

Dillingham, AK
Kristin, La Leche League "Briston Bay"

Dillingham, AK
Wanda, La Leche League "Briston Bay"
(907) 842-1074

Eagle River, AK
Kelly, La Leche League
(907) 622-2907

Eagle River, AK
Mindy, La Leche League
(907) 622-3888




Fairbanks, AK
Diane Burgess, IBCLC Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
(907) 457-1670

Fairbanks, AK
Mary, La Leche League
(907) 458-5200 to main center line Lactation Warmline (908) 458-5210

Homer, AK
Christina, La Leche League
(907) 235-6631

Juneau, AK
Erin, La Leche League
(907) 789-0111

Mat-Su Valley, AK
Heidi, La Leche League


Mat-Su Valley, AK
Jackie, La Leche League

Mat-Su Valley, AK
Terriann, La Leche League

Soldotna, AK
Amorette, La Leche League

Soldotna, AK
Olga, La Leche League
(907) 262-9291



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in Arizona:

(alphabetical by city/town, AZ)

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Desert Sprints, AZ
Holly Bushy, IBCLC
(928) 347-5608

Flagstaff, AZ
Brenda L. Phipps, BS, IBCLC, Flagstaff Medical Center, The Breastfeeding Center
(928) 773-2605

Fort Defiance, AZ
Trish Donley, RN, ND, IBCLC
Fort Defiance Indian Hospital
(520) 729-3270

Ft Smith, AZ
Tina Snider, LPN, IBCLC
Women's Center of Excellence
(479) 314-5905



Goodyear, AZ

Dr. Barbara Baumgardner

Additional Areas Served: Avondale, Buckeye, Glendale, Phoenix, Surprise, Peoria, El Mirage
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: Barbara Baumgardner, PhD, RN, IBCLC is a maternal-child nurse clinician, an Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant and a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in helping families adjust to changing roles and relationships. She is an expert in mother-baby attachment and breastfeeding as well as early development and typical concerns of childhood.
Company Name: Arizona TherapyWorks
Address: 1626 N. Litchfield Road, Suite 280, Goodyear, AZ 85338
Phone: (410) 916-1782


(Membership Ends: 6/30/10)





Hopi Indian Reservation, AZ
Tammy R. Fern BSN, RN, CBC
Certified Breastfeeding Counselor
Hopi Health Care Center
(928) 737-6081

Lake Havasu City, AZ
Mother's Other Miracle
(909) 335-7010


Goodyear, AZ
Candace A. Sibly, RN, IBCLC
(623) 327-0350

Mesa, AZ
Jenny Bailey, CD, CBC
Every Mother & Child
(480) 986-0328

Mesa, AZ
Amy Brawner, RN, IBCLC, RLC
Breastfeeding & Baby Basics
(480) 777-7535

Nogales, AZ
Swilma G. Campos, CLC
Mariposa Community Health Clinic
(520) 287-4994

Peoria, AZ
Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Consultant
(623) 362-2511

Phoenix, (and surrounding) AZ
Susan Chanse, BESTFed
(602) 843-4111

Phoenix, (and surrounding) AZ
La Leche League, area contact
(602) 234-1956

Polacca, AZ
Malinda R. Montoya
Hopi Health Care Center
Hopi Indian Reservation
(928) 737-6203

Scottsdale, AZ
Wanda Salter, RN, IBCLC
Supervisor Perinatal Education, Lactation Services Family Support Centers
(480) 860-3791

Surprise, AZ
Ruth J. Gruen, RN, IBCLC, MFT
Ruthie's Lactation Station
(623) 322-1938

Tempe, AZ
Debbie Gillespie, BA, IBCLC
East Valley Lactation Support
1502 East Hermosa Drive
(480) 786-0431

Tucson (Southern Arizona), AZ
Carol Arnold, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor
(520) 577-5130

Tucson, AZ
Marisa King
Pima County WIC Program

Tucson, AZ
Rebecca Myers Goerlich, Pediatric RN
(520) 954-9511

Tucson, AZ
Renee Palting, RN, IBCLC, RLC
University Medical Center- Lactation Services
1501 North Campbell Ave

Tucson (Southern Arizona), AZ
Betsy Stunz-Hall, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor
(520) 623-7254




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Arkansas:

(alphabetical by city/town, AR)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Clinton, AR
Teresa Gates, RN,IBCLC
(501) 745-2485

Conway, AR
Carla , La Leche League
(501) 803-7112

Conway, AR
Gina , La Leche League
(501) 796-2869

Conway, AR
Jennifer R., La Leche League
(501) 908-6283

Fayetteville, AR
Cassidy, La Leche League
(479) 582-5887

Fayetteville, AR
Kristin, La Leche League
(479) 443-5083

Fayetteville, AR
Marelisa, La Leche League
(479) 444-9270

Ft. Smith, AR
Carla, La Leche League
(479) 221-2420

Ft. Smith, AR
Dona, La Leche League
(479) 996-5278



Hot Springs, AR
Barbara, La Leche League
(501) 623-2618

Jonesboro, AR
Rebecca Matthews RN, IBCLC, DNP
(870) 910-5450

Little Rock, AR
Carla, La Leche League
(479) 221-2420

Little Rock, AR
Ruthmary Goodhart RN,BSN,IBCLC

Little Rock, AR
(LLL) - if last name begins w/ A-Go Jackie, 501-794-0700
- if last name begins w/ Gr-O Tanya 501-554-5550 - if last name begins w/ P-Z Kristen 501-256-4375


Rogers, AR
Anne, La Leche League
(479) 442-7074

Rogers, AR
Paula, La Leche League
(479) 936-8935

Rogers, AR
Thalia, La Leche League
(479) 271-6010

Russellville, AR
Karey, La Leche League
(479) 967-9198


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in California:

(alphabetical by city/town/county, CA)

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Agoura Hills, CA
Jenn, La Leche League
(818) 597-2674

Alameda, CA
Patty, La Leche League
(510) 522-0979

Alameda, CA
Virginia, La Leche League
(510) 521-4867

Alamo, (San Ramon) CA
Connie, La Leche League
(925) 838-8336

Alamo, (San Ramon) CA
Faye, La Leche League
(925) 947-1543

Alamo, (San Ramon) CA
Jenni, La Leche League
(925) 735-3941

Alamo, (San Ramon) CA
Kimberlyi, La Leche League
(925) 648-5131

Antioch, CA
Kimberly Chilcote, RNC, ACCE, IBCLC
(925) 779-7230

Applegate, (Auburn area) CA
Cheryl Cox, PT, IBCLC
(530) 878-1033

Arcata, CA
Star Siegfried RN, BA, IBCLC
Star's Breastfeeding Support Service
(707) 822-7743

Atwater, (Merced) CA
Betty, La Leche League
(209) 383-3808

Atwater, (Merced) CA
Diana, La Leche League
(209) 357-1109

Bakersfield, CA
Marti Fleming, BA, CLE
(661) 587-7496

Beaches, (San Dieago Beach area) CA
La Leche League area main contacts, speaking Spanish and Mandarin Chinese
(858) 646-9779


Berkeley, (San Ramon) CA
Kimberlyi, La Leche League
(925) 648-5131

Benicia, CA
Catherine, La Leche League
(707) 644-3599

Bishop, CA
Ida, La Leche League
(760) 873-7707

Camarillo, CA
Paula Coleman, RNC, BSN, LC Tender Years
(805) 857-2561

Camp Pendleton, CA
Felicia Beck, RN, IBCLC Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton
(760) 725-0545

Carson City, (Carson Valley) CA
Nikki, La Leche League
(775) 267-9697

Carson City, (Carson Valley) CA
Kate, La Leche League
(775) 885-8748

Chico, CA
Celeste Cramer, IBCLC From Birth and Beyond
(530) 343-5533

Colton, CA
Becky Martin, RN, IBCLC
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
(909) 580-3454

Concord, CA
Lisa Broughton, BS, IBCLC
(925) 323-2627

Crescent City, CA
Neta Courcey, RNC, IBCLC
(707) 464-8820

Chula Vista, CA
Christina M. Morris, LVN, IBCLC, RLC
(619) 370-3090

El Cajon, CA
Tina Filley, IBCLC, RLC, CCE
Heart in Home
(619) 588-1913

El Cerrito, CA
Janaki Costello, CD, IBCLC, ICCE
(510) 525-1155

Elko, CA
Monique, La Leche League
(775) 753-4921

Elko, CA
Sarah, La Leche League
(775) 753-8249

Encino (Santa Monica), CA
Mina J. Ognjanovic, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant, CLC, CD(DONA)
(818) 915-0190

Eureka, CA
Jacqueline McShane RN, IBCLC
North Coast Lactation
(707) 599-3652

Folsom, CA
Karen Evon, IBCLC Maternal Expressions
(916) 983-4MOM

Fort Irwin, CA
Gini Murray, RN,
Women's Wellness Center
Weed Army Community Hospital
(760) 380-5799


Fullerton, CA
Kim Ann Guth, RN, CNM, IBCLC
Mothering Concepts-Pregnancy & Lactation Support Services
(714) 441-1722

Gilroy, CA
Tori Koppelmaa, CLE
(408) 674-1133

Hayward, CA

Sylvia Boyd

Additional Areas Served: San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Castro Valley, Fremont, Menlo Park, Pleasanton, Danville
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: Sylvia has a passion for helping parents prepare for an active role in the birth of their baby. For optimal healthy and well-being, Sylvia also teaches mothers the skills for enjoying the nurturing of their infant at the breast. She has the special education, tools and training needed to assist mothers and babies with problems that sometimes arise. Her praagmatic and empowering approach to birthing and breastfeeding, get new families off to a healthy start.

Business Name: Sylvia's Lactation Office
Phone: (510) 863-1537
Address: 27768 Ross Place

(Membership Ends: 4/5/14)


Affiliate Code: Use the code "CA0311SB" when you sign-up for your enhanced member listing, and the membership listing for Silvia will automatically extend by 4 months!





Hollister, CA
Yvonne C. Bannister, BSC, IBCLC Baby's BestFeeding
(831) 636-6781

Irvine, CA
Margie Deutsch, MSEd, IBCLC Lactation and Parenting Services
(949) 786-0065

Jamestown, CA
Debbie, La Leche League

Laguna Niguel, CA
Susan J Kristie, IBCLC
(949) 632-0213

Lancaster, CA
Linda D. Kingsley, BA, IBCLC
Antelope Valley Lactation Services
(661) 733-4591

Lancaster, (Palmdale) CA
Jenny, La Leche League
(661) 724-0526

Lancaster, (Palmdale) CA
Dawn, La Leche League
(661) 943-4587

Long Beach, CA
Susan Orr, PT, IBCLC, CLC
(562) 427-3782

Los Alamitos, CA
Pamela Hastings, RN, IBCLC, MotherCare Breastfeeding Support Center
(562) 421-CARE (2273)


Los Alamitos, CA
Laura Karr, RN, IBCLC, MotherCare Breastfeeding Support Center
(562) 421-CARE (2273)

Los Angeles, CA
Valerie Jespersen-Wheat MS, OTR, CLC
Sierra Lactation Associates
(323) 932-0481

Los Angeles, CA
Ayelet Kaznelson, CLC, IBCLC
Los Angeles Lactation Group
(310) 943-9002

Los Angeles, CA
Barbara Plowden CLC, RN
Sierra Lactation Associates
(310) 998-8329

Merced County (area), CA
Emily Lindsey, BSPsy, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant
Before and After Baby
(209) 383-1606

Modesto, CA
Ruth Van Groningen, RNC, BSN
Certified Lactation Consultant Memorial Hospital
(209) 572-7210

Monterey, CA
Sonja Massey, RN, IBCLC
Baby Moon
(831) 402-1mom

Moraga, CA
Roxann Zarchin, RNC, IBCLC
Alta Bates Medical Center Berkeley
(925) 377-5109

Morgan Hill (S. County), CA
Jeanne Batacan, ICCE, CD, CLC
Mothers and Babies First
(408) 779-7479

Mountain View, CA
Abaigail, La Leche League
(650) 964-2604

Mountain View, CA
Teri Lind, RN, IBCLC Project Director Maternal Connections El Camino Hospital
(650) 988-8287

Mountain View, CA
Sarah, La Leche League
(650) 960-1840




Murrieta (Wildomar), CA
Debi Rand, RN, IBCLC
Southwest Healthcare
(951) 696-2621

Oakland, CA
Susan Lawrence, RN, IBCLC
Kaiser Permanente Oakland Outpatient
Aftercare and Breastfeeding Clinic
(510) 752-7557

Oceanside, CA
Judith Markham, BA, IBCLC Baby Love
(760) 941-9180

Oceanside, CA
Rachelle Markham, CLC Baby Love
(760) 941-9180

Oceanside, CA
Rochelle McLean, IBCLC, CCE, CD Babies in Bloom
(760) 433-2229

Orange, CA
Patty Carlton, RN
(714) 997-0805


Palo Alto, CA
Hayley, La Leche League
(650) 234-9788

Palo Alto, CA
Hope, La Leche League
(650) 324-4051

Pasadena, CA
Carol Ann Friedman, R.N, IBCLC, CCE
Mother And Me
(626) 449-4404

Pilot Hill, CA
Cynthia Bastian, IBCLC, LVN Sierra Lactation Associates
(916) 941-0655

Pine Grove, CA
Debbie, La Leche League
(925) 648-5131

Pleasanton, CA
Judy Krause, RN, IBCLC
Pleasant Beginnings Pillows
(925) 398-8586

Ramona, CA
Barbara Eastwood, BarbiCare Lactation Services
(760) 788-1051

Redding, CA
Susan Ann Spencer, IBCLC, RLC
Shasta Breastfeeding Support Center
(530) 245-6466

Redlands, CA
Gretchen Andrews, BA, IBCLC
251-B Cajon St, The Lactation Connection

Redondo Beach, CA
Deborah King-Powell, IBCLC Breastfeeding Support Center
(310) 374-3426 x183

Redondo Beach, CA
Sharon Watkins, IBCLC Breastfeeding Support Center
(310) 374-3426 x183

Richmond, CA
Susan Lawrence, RN, IBCLC
Kaiser Permanente Richmond Pediatric Clinic
(510) 307-2514


Rocklin, CA
Carol Ellis, IBCLC, Placer-Sacramento Lacation Services
(916) 624-4483

Sacramento, CA
Janett Burruel, IBCLC The Nurtury
(916) 481-256

Sacramento (& surrounding), CA
Jaye Simpson, IBCLC, CIIM
(916) 344-6660

San Diego, (and Orange Cty) CA
Karin Biswas, IBCLC, HHP, CCN, CCH, CPD
(858) 674-6244

San Francisco, CA
Anna, La Leche League
(415) 876-0603

San Francisco, CA
Christine Labriola, MA, IBCLC
(650) 303-6114

San Francisco, CA
Susie McCulloch, BA, IBCLC, UCSF Outpatient Lactation Program
(415) 885-3834

San Francisco, CA
Octavia Owens, BS, CCE, CLC, UCSF Outpatient Lactation Program
(415) 885-3834

San Jose, CA
Patricia Bonasera, Parenting & Breastfeeding Services of Good Samaritan Hospital
(408) 559-BABY

San Luis Obispo, CA
Andrea Herron, RN, MN, CPNP
Growing With Baby Lactation Consultant
(805) 543-6988

San Ramon, CA
Loni Denman, RN, IBCLC
(925) 275-8459

Santa Barbara, CA
Virginia Bobro, IBCLC, CD Motherways
(805) 729-6670

Santa Cruz, CA
Lili Beggs, RN, IBCLC Sutter Lactation Center
(831) 477-2229

Santa Cruz, CA
Amy DeNero, RN, IBCLC, CLE
(831) 426-7422

Santa Maria, CA
Lisa Marasco, BA, IBCLC
Expressly Yours Lactation Services
(805) 937-9717

Sebastopol (N. Bay Area), CA
Dana Fox, LM
Phoenix Midwifery-Pregnancy,
Breastfeeding and Postpartum Services
(707) 829-5094

Simi Valley, CA
Dianne E. Oliver, MA, IBCLC
Holistic Lactation
(805) 582-2058

Smith Valley, CA
Susan, La Leche League
(775) 465-2743

Somerset, CA
Susan Z. Condon, BA, CLC, CLE, IBCLC Breastfeeding Helpline in El Dorado Cty
(530) 295-3789


Sonora, CA
Christine, La Leche League

Sonora, CA
Sarah, La Leche League

South Lake Tahoe, CA
Beth, La Leche League
(530) 544-8330

Sunnyvale, CA
Marina, La Leche League
(408) 736-8126

Sunnyvale, CA
Marina, La Leche League
(408) 736-8126

Tarzana (San Fernando Vly.), CA
Vickie Bryson, RN, CLNC, IBCLC
(818) 345-6060

Tarzana, CA
Ellen Steinberg
Breastpumps, etc
(818) 345-4439

Tehachapi, CA
Debbie, La Leche League
(661) 943-4587

Temecula, CA
Jenni Strutz, CLE
(909) 506-6966

Tracy, CA
Stacy Busch, CLE
(209) 833-0299

Truckee, CA
Kathleen, La Leche League
(530) 587-8166

Truckee, CA
Kelly, La Leche League
(530) 550-8974

Tujunga, CA
Rosa Baghdassarian, BA, CLC
(818) 353-7446

Tuolumne, CA
Debbie, La Leche League

Twenty Nine Palms, CA
Stephanie Gable, RN, IBCLC
Bush Naval Hospital
(760) 830-2126


Vacaville, CA
Abbie Hoag RNC, IBCLC
The Pump House
(707) 446-8959

Walnut Creek, CA
Denise Barkasy, CBC, IBCLC
(925) 945-7100

Westwood, CA
Jennifer Franklin, CLC
(530) 249-3218

Woodland Hills, CA
Tera Alexander, LVN, CLC of The Pump Connection
(818) 225-8822

Yerington, CA
Wynne, La Leche League
(775) 463-1455


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Colorado:

(alphabetical by city/town, CO)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Boulder, CO
Stephanie Moore, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Becoming Mothers
(303) 546-6262

Boulder, CO
Molly, La Leche League (A.M)
(720) 922-3549

Boulder, CO
Kate, La Leche League (P.M)
(303) 473-9918

Brighton, CO
Melinda Pauls, RN, BSN, CLC, Platte Valley Medical Center
(720) 272-3251

Colorado Springs, CO
Cynthia Swisher, RN, BSN, IBCLC,
Alliance Breastfeeding Center
(719) 268-1888

Denver, CO
Carol Brussel, IBCLC Laura Nevada Lactation Consultancy
(303) 691-9037

Denver, CO
Maya Bunik, MD,IBCLC
The Children's Hospital B032
(303) 837-2740

Denver, CO
Amy Lutz, Director
The Lactation Program
(303) 377-3016

Durango, CO
Amy, La Leche League
(970) 533-7977

Fort Collins (N. Colorado), CO
Kim Lenderts, Midwife, CLC, CCCE
(970) 214-1457



Frisco, CO
Mary Jo Foley, RN, IBCLC
(970) 668-2875

Grand Junction, CO
Barbara, Le Leche League
(970) 243-4247

Littleton, CO
Susan Sullivan, IBCLC, Loving Hearts Lactation
(303) 810-2669

Littleton, CO
Sweet Beginnings, Lactation Consultant
5767 S Rapp Street
(303) 317-5795

Lone Tree, CO
Sue Petracek, IBCLC, Bosom Buddies
(720) 482-0109

Louisville (Boulder County), CO
Christy Estoll, Lactation Consultant, CLC
(720) 982-6511

Loveland, CO
Elizabeth Crook, RN, IBCLC
(970) 203-9099

Monument, CO
Golda Reisdorph, IBCLC,RLC
(719) 574-9191

Palmer Lake, CO
Deborah Marcu, IBCLC
(719) 440-9910

Peublo, CO
Geri Davis, RN, IBCLC, BSN, RLC
Parkview Medical Center
(719) 584-4581


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Specialists in Connecticut:

(alphabetical by city/town, CT)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Branford, CT
Laura, La Leche League
(203) 483-8005

Branford, CT
Dana Schmidt, CLC
Breastfeeding Home Visit Services, LLC
(203) 687-1075

Bristol, CT
Katrina Pytel RN, IBCLC, RLC
(860) 358-3509

Burlington, CT
Betsy Riedel, RNC, BS, IBCLC
(860) 673-6790

Canterbury, CT
Heather DeLuca, IBCLC Eastern Connecticut Lactation Consultants
(860) 546-6524

Cheshire, CT
Dawn Flohr RN,BSN, IBCLC
(203) 271-1665

Columbia, CT
Sabrina Granniss, IBCLC, RLC
(860) 228-2195

Darien, CT
Veronica K. Casey, RNC, MA, IBCLC
(203) 656-3090

East Hartford, CT
Kristien, La Leche League
(860) 568-6426

Glastonbury (Hartford area), CT
Jennifer Tow, IBCLC
(860) 918-6023

Greenwich, CT
Tamara J Amundson, RNC, IBCLC
Brookside Obstetrics and Gynecology
(203) 698-0126

Guilford, CT
Lee Bridgewater, RN, BSN, IBCLC
VNA Communtiy Healthcare
(203) 458-4240

Madison, CT
Mary Marshall-Crim, RN,BSN,LCCE,IBCLC
(860) 344-6867

Middletown, CT
Amy Gagliardi, MA, IBCLC
(203) 847-4771

New Haven, CT
Beth Brownstein, CLC
(203) 389-3383

New Haven, CT
Helen, La Leche League
(203) 865-0138




New London, CT
Kathleen E. Mason, RNC, IBCLC
Lawrence and Memorial Hospital
(860) 442-0711 ext 2124

Norwalk, CT
Kathleen Agis, RNC, BSN, IBCLC, Gentle Assurance
(203) 847-4771


Norwich, CT
Maryann, La Leche League

Norwich, CT
Carol Pennell, RNC, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant
82 Salem Tpk, Norwich
(860) 889-2323

Norwich, CT
Holly Pennell-Salegna, CLC, HypnoBirthing Practitioner
82 Salem TPk, Norwich
(860) 889-2323

Pawcatuck, CT
Jacquelyn Gauvin, RN,CES,IBCLC
(401) 348-2229

Seymour, CT
Ellen L. Penchuk, IBCLC
(203) 888-5994

Southington, CT
Patrice Jones, Lactation Consultant
Lactation Services of Southington
(860) 919-5320

Stamford, CT
D Lorna C. Aliperti, APRN, IBCLC
Lactation Services of
(203) 359-1631

Wallingford, CT
Irene P. Cullagh, Lactation Consultant, RN IBCLC
Breastfeeding Home Visit Services, LLC
(203) 980-5086

West Hartford, CT
Jennifer Tow, IBCLC
Intuitive Parenting Network
(860) 918-6023

Wilton (Fairfield County), CT
BobbyJo Bloom, Lactation Consultant, RN, IBCLC, RLC, CCE
Tummy 2 Tummy
209 Range Road, Wilton
(203) 210-5246



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Delaware:

(alphabetical by city/town, DE)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Bear, DE
Kym Smythe, IBCLC, MEd
A Breat Beginning
(302) 322-5950

Dover, DE
Wendy A. Mahoney, IBCLC, RN, BSN
Delaware Lactation Consultants
(302) 670-6381

Lewes, DE
Nancy Hastings, IBCLC, RN
Beebe Medical Center
(302) 645-3726

Milford, (and Dover) DE
Gail A. Smith, IBCLC, RN
Bayhealth Hospitals
(302) 744-7233



New Castle County, DE
Karen, La Leche League
(302) 838-8828

Newark, DE
Christiana Hospital
(302) 733-1900 -ask for beeper 4005

Seaford, DE
Nora, La Leche League
(410) 860-0890

Wilmington, DE
Karin Y. DiSanto, IBCLC
(302) 478-8854

Wilmington, DE
Debra Palermo, IBCLC, RN, BSN St.Francis Hospital
(302) 421-4478




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Florida:

(alphabetical by city/town, FL)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Amelia Island, FL
Kym Seavey Dunton, RN, BA, IBCLC
(904) 277-9694

Cape Coral, FL
Juana Rodrigues, BS, IBCLC
(941) 549-9717

Casselberry, FL
Meg Folsom, CBA, CLC, CBE
Stork Support
(407) 376-2196

Celebration(Orlando), FL
Tina Lindsay RN, IBCLC, CCE, Lactation Consultant Childbirth Educator, O.B. Nurse
205 Norfolk Place Celebration
(412) 805-6601

Ellenton, FL
Diana Montanez, BS, LD/N, IBCLC
Certified Lactation Consultant
(407) 376-2196

Florida Keys, (Monroe County) FL
Mirine R. Dye, B.S., CLE
Breastfeeding Counselor
(305) 852-3601


Fort Myers, FL
Rhonda Harper, RN, IBCLC
Lee Memorial Health System
(941) 432-3186

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Heidi Humphries, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Mother's Milk Breastfeeding Supplies
(877) 561-8309

Gainesville, FL
Angela Monk, IBCLC
Healthy Beginnings Lactation Service
(352) 262-5619

Jacksonville, FL
Kristin Gartner, LPN, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC
Costal Birth & Breastfeeding, LLC
(904) 568-0581

Land O' Lakes, FL
Jennifer Hodges, M. S.
Babies and Beyond
(813) 929-9698

Loxahatchee, FL
Margie Forrest, RN, BSN, IBCLC
The Lactation Corner at Palms West Hospital
(561) 753-4259



Maitland, FL

Pat Lindsey, IBCLC, RLC

Additional Areas Served: Central Florida
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: Pat Lindsey has been doing lactation support for 32 years in the Central Florida area. Most of her referrals are from area pediatricians and former clients. Learn more about her services and expertise as a Registered Board Certified Lactation Consultant who serves all of Central Florida area at the website below.
Company Name: Pat Lindsey, IBCLC, RLC Lactation Services

Address: 210 Lookout Place, Maitland, FL 32751
Phone: 1-888-PER-BABY or 407-803-2024

(Membership Ends: 1/12/13)




Miami Beach, FL
Laurie Owens, IBCLC
Durham Lactation Collier County WIC
(239) 774-8208

Naples, FL
Laurie Owens, IBCLC
Durham Lactation Collier County WIC
(239) 774-8208

Niceville, FL
Carol Durham, RN, MSN, IBCLC
Durham Lactation Consultant Services
(850) 897-3774




Niceville, FL

Anne Hinze

Additional Areas Served: Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Freeport, Crestview, Navarre, Defuniak Springs
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: Serving the Northwest Florida Panhandle - Okaloosa and Walton Counties. A certified Lactation Educator and Counselor and accredited La Leche League Leader - I am available to assist moms in any area of lactation. I teach prenatal private and group breastfeeding education classes and offer in-hospital or in-home lactation consultations. In addition to lactation services I am available on a limited basis as a labor doula and will offer childbirth education classes in late 2009.
Company Name: Womb to Breast
Phone: (850) 699-2018

(Membership Ends: 7/19/10)




Orlando, FL
Annette Leary, RN, BSN, IBCLC, CCE
Orlando Lactation and Childbirth Services
(407) 489-1289

Pensacola, FL
Pat Dwiggins RNC, ACCE, IBCLC
Advanced Lactation Services
(850) 944-3882



Pensacola, FL

Erin Hinze

Additional Areas Served: Gulf Breeze, Ft. Walton Beach, Destin
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: Childbirth Classes, Doula Services, Lacation Counseling and Education, Birth Services, Certified Credentials in ALL areas, prenatal yoga, belly cast, cloth diapers, homebirths, hospital births
Company Name: Happy Birth, Happy Baby
Phone: (850) 565-0823

(Membership Ends: 6/12/10)





Sanford, FL
Debra Kearney, IBCLC
Seminole County Health Department
(407) 665-3340

St Petersburg, FL
Janice E Floystad, BA, IBCLC
WIC-Pinellas County
St Petersburg Health Department
(727) 824-6900 ext. 2323

Stuart, FL
Jodi Smart, RN, IBCLC
The Lactation Station
(772) 223-5945 ext: 1665


Tampa, FL
Debbie Albert, RN, Ph.D., LMHC, IBCLC, RLC
Advanced Lactation Care, Inc.
(813) 258-6852

Tampa Bay Area (Pasco Cty), FL
Sizzly Acevedo, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Consultant, Midwife, CD, CLC, Pregnancy Massage, Therapist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Childbirth Options, LLC
31611 Spoonflower Circle Wesley Chapel
(813) 355-4716

Quincy, FL
Susan Taylor, RN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Coordinator, Gadsden County WIC
(850) 875-7200 ext. 368

Winter Park, FL
Laura Hart, RN, BSN, IBCLC
The Baby Place




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Georgia:

(alphabetical by city/town, GA)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Athens, GA
Joanie Randle, IBCLC
(706) 546-9469

Atlanta, GA
Sharon Forrest
Mothering the Mother
(404) 373-9725

Atlanta, (Emory) GA
Anne Marie, La Leche League
(770) 923-7758

Atlanta, (Emory) GA
Betsy, La Leche League
(678) 528-8236

Atlanta (metro), GA
Mary Nicholson Jackson, CLC
Lactation Support
(404) 616-4932

Augusta, GA
Byrn G. Hamilton RD, IBCLC
Medical College of Georgia
(706) 721-0190

Augusta, GA
Emily, La Leche League
(706) 790-9849

Augusta, GA
Julie, La Leche League
(706) 737-2405

Calhoun, GA
Laura, La Leche League
(770) 547-0122

Canton, GA
Stephanie H. Anderson, RN-CS, PNP, WHNP
Children's Childbirth Education Center
(770) 720-6963

Carrollton, GA
Tanner Medical Center
Debra Watkins
(770) 834-3362


Columbus, GA
Donna Alexander RN, IBCLC
Columbus Regional Healthcare System
(706) 571-1390

Covington, GA
Allison Boyer, BS ed, IBCLC
Newton General Hospital
(770) 385-4182

Dalton, GA
Patty, La Leche League
(706) 278-9074

Dawsonville (Cumming), GA
Deb Dumphy, Lactation Consultant
Dawson Pediatrics

300 Dawson Commons Circle Suite 320
(706) 216-2771

Douglas, GA
Becky Carver RN, IBCLC, CCE
Coffee County Health Department
(912) 389-4450



Douglasville, GA
Denise Adams, IBCLC, NP
Wellstar Creekside Pediatrics
(770) 929-2255

Evans, GA
Danielle Rigg, CLC
The First Act of Love
(973) 746-4876

Griffin, GA
Liz Tarleton, RNC, BSN, CCE, IBCLC
(770) 616-8661

Lawrenceville, GA
Marcia M. Hunter, BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC
(678) 376-3215


Lilburn, GA
Tamara, La Leche League
(770) 381-6180

Macon, GA
Debbie Liipfert RN, BS, LCCE, IBCLC
The Medical Center of Central Georgia
(800) 228-2055

Marietta, GA
Sharon Birdseye, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultants of Atlanta, Inc.
(678) 921-2838

Newnan, GA
Lara, La Leche League
(678) 423-9881

Riverdale, GA
Jenny Meyers RN, IBCLC
Southern Regional Medical Center
(770) 991-8014

Rome, GA
Becky Richard, RN, IBCLC, RLC
(706) 509-6555

Savannah, GA
Pamela Ehret, LPN, IBCLC
WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator
(912) 651-2640St.

Simmons, GA
Lisa, La Leche League
(912) 634-1061

Thomasville (s.w. GA & n. FL), GA
Brenda Parrish, CD(DONA), CLC, CCCE
South Georgia Birth Services

Tifton, GA
Mary Frances Price, RN, IBCLC
Mothers' Gift Breastfeeding Support & Supplies LLC
(229) 387-0461

Whigham, GA
Cathy C. Shepherd, RNC, IBCLC
(229) 762-4324

Wrightsville, GA
Amy Solen
(912) 864-9572




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Hawaii:

(alphabetical by city/town, HI)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Big Island (Hilo Group), HI
Amy, La Leche League
(808) 981-5503

Big Island (Hilo Group), HI
Hilo Group
Karen, La Leche League
(808) 963-5482

Big Island (Kona Coast), HI
Rachel, La Leche League
(808) 325-3055

Ewa Beach, HI
Deborah R Dominici RNC, IBCLC
(808) 258-1709

Haiku, HI
Jessica Caudill, RNC, BSN, IBCLC
(808) 255-5377

Haiku, (Maui) HI
Kathi Jones, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Island Style Breastfeeding Services
(808) 575-2925

Honolulu, HI
Karen Dominguez, MSN,IBCLC
(808) 744-0476



Honolulu, HI
Lisa Mahla, BIS, IBCLC, RLC
Lisa Mahla Lactation Consultant Services
92-1067 Villa B Koio Dr. Kapolei
(808) 285-8006

Kaua'i, HI
Mele, La Leche League
(808) 826-6467

Kealakekua, HI
Mari Lai
KCH Lactation Support Center
(808) 322-4482

Mililani, HI
Lorraine (Lorre) Fox
Mother's Own
(808) 285-1809

Maui, HI
Mary Jane, La Leche League
(808) 879-8302

O'ahu, HI
Lisa, La Leche League
(808) 624-4047



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Idaho:

(alphabetical by city/town, ID)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ


Jerome, ID
Anita Bartels RN, IBCLC
St. Benedicts FMC
(208) 324-7262


Rexburg, ID
Kim Abegglen, RN, IBCLC
Madison Memorial Hospital
(200) 359-6459




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Specialists in Illinois:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!


Algonquin, IL
Pam Hirsch, RN, BSN, CLC
(847) 658-0824

Antioch, IL
(847) 276-1837

Aurora, IL
Molly, La Leche League
(630) 375-9252

Bloomington, IL
Anja, La Leche League
(309) 862-4851

Bloomington, IL
Jenny, La Leche League
(309) 454-7720


Buffalo Grove, IL
Annette Leibovitz IBCLC
(847) 913-5588

Buffalo Grove, IL
Alisa, La Leche League
(847) 821-1966

Buffalo Grove, IL
Annette, La Leche League
(847) 913-5588

Byron, IL
Kimberly Hedegaard
The Nursing Nest
(815) 978-8080

Central Lake County, IL
Karen, La Leche League
(847) 918-1257

Central Lake County, IL
Valerie, La Leche League
(847) 838-0581

Champaign, IL
Florence Folami, BSN, IBCLC
Champaign-Urbana Public Health District
(217) 355-8026

Chicago, IL
Cynthia Guzman, IBCLC, RLC
The Art of Breastfeeding
(773) 745-0992

Chicago, (south side) IL
Carrie, La Leche League
(773) 667-0817


Chicago, (south side) IL
Cheryl, La Leche League
(773) 538-6128

Chicago, (Lincoln Park) IL
Catherine, La Leche League
(773) 508-0156

Chicago, (Lincoln Park) IL
Juli, La Leche League
(773) 725-8891

Chicago, (northwest, AM) IL
Jacqueline, La Leche League
(773) 274-6340

Chicago, IL
Angela Jacobi, RN, MN, IBCLC
(773) 274-0643



Chicago (and Surrounding Suburbs)

Tracy Torgerson, MS, IBCLC, RLC

Additional Areas Served: Streamwood, Villa Park, Lombard, Mt. Prospect, Elgin, Hoffman Estates
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: Tracy has been a Board Certified Lactation Consultant for over 5 years. In that time, she has taught monthly breastfeeding classes and helped hundreds of mothers reach their breastfeeding goals. Tracy can help with all areas of issues (newborn, older infant, returning to work, weaning) but has a sub specialty working with multiples. Tracy is a part of a larger practice of five IBCLCs that do home visits throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Phone consults and Skyping are also available.
Company Name: Lactation Education Services
Phone: (630) 833-1248


(Membership Ends: 5/22/14)





Decatur, IL
Marie, La Leche League
(217) 875-2409

Deerfield, IL
Deborah Schy, RNC, MSN, IBCLC,
Mother's Joy
(847) 405-9249

DeKalb County, IL
Dawn, La Leche League
(815) 825-2175

DeKalb County, IL
Mary, La Leche League
(815) 824-2035

Dixon, IL
Diane, La Leche League
(815) 288-2356

Effingham, IL
Angie, La Leche League
(217) 857-6276

Elgin, (West/NW suburbs) IL
Kris Rauschert, Breastfeeding Counselor
(847) 975-2464

Elgin, IL
Tammy, La Leche League
(847) 697-3532

Hanover Park, IL
Lori Lindsey RN, IBCLC, Corporate Lactation Consultant
(630) 632-7212


Harvard, IL
Suzanne, La Leche League
(815) 943-1506

Hinsdale, IL
Penny R. Marzalik, PhD, CNM, IBCLC, Hinsdale Lactation Consultants
(630) 920-1347

Joliet, IL
Tara, La Leche League
(815) 467-7323

Kewanee, IL
Heather Aldred, Henry County Health Dept
(309) 852-7223

Geneva, IL
Sharon Lemon, RN, IBCLC, Lactation Resource Center Delnor-Community Hospital
(30) 208-4068

Geneva, IL
Catherine Phillips, RN, IBCLC, Lactation Resource Center Delnor-Community Hospital
(30) 208-4068

Huntley (Sub/Rockford), IL
Erika Archer, Birth Doula, Lactation Consultant
La Leche League
(847) 483-8968

Ladd, IL
Mary Coutts, IBCLC, RLC, LLL
(815) 894-3303

Lake Forest, IL
Claudia Globerger RN, IBCLC
The Lactation Center of Lake Forest Hospital
(847) 535-6262

Libertyville, IL
Jodie, La Leche League
(847) 223-9121

Lincoln, IL
Lisa, La Leche League
(217) 674-3580

Lombard, IL
Mary, La Leche League (AM)
(630) 782-1905

Lombard, IL
Emily, La Leche League (PM)
(630) 519-3424

Maryville, IL
Michelle Heim-Streeb, RN, IBCLC
(618) 288-5711

Niles, IL
Jennifer Albert, RNC, BSN, CCE, IBCLC
(847) 583-9962


Northbrook, IL
Kathy Lipke, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Lactation Associates, Inc.
(847) 509-8302

Oak Park , (River Forest) IL
Cathy, La Leche League
(708) 848-7083

Plainfield, IL
April Atwood, CLC
(815) 577-2799

Plainfield, IL
Heather, La Leche League
(815) 439-7422

Plainfield, IL
Sue, La Leche League
(708) 301-0890

Quad Cities, IL
Angela, La Leche League
(563) 441-0406

Quad Cities, IL
Cecelia, La Leche League
(563) 391-9302

Quincy, IL
Peggy Litt, RN, CLC, Blessed Beginnings/ Blessing Hospital
(217) 223-8400 ext. 8405

Robinson, IL
Debbi Lowrance RN, IBCLC, Crawford Memorial Hospital
(618) 546-2596

Sandwich, IL
Connie, La Leche League
(815) 498-3431

Schaumburg, IL
Loretta, La Leche League
(630) 529-6655


Springfield, IL
Sheila Caldwell, RN, CLE, PPD, St. John's Hospital Birth Center
(217) 535-3983

Springfield, IL
Michelle, La Leche League
(217) 787-7039

St. Charles, IL
Carol Chamblin, RN, MS, IBCLC, Breast 'N Baby Lactation Services
(630) 513-1101

Streamwood, IL
Marsha Perryman, RN, IBCLC
(630) 289-6102

Streator, IL
Janice, La Leche League
(815) 673-3035

Sycamore, IL
Deb Saalfeld, BS, IBCLC, Kishwaukee Lactation Consultants
(815) 895-6206

Tuscola, IL
Penny Cox, MS, IBCLC
(217) 253-6526

Villa Park, IL
Center for Lactation Education
(630) 547-5057

Washington, (Germantown Hills) IL
Julie, La Leche League
(309) 444-6828

Washington, (Germantown Hills) IL
Kim, La Leche League
(309) 444-2833

Wauconda, IL
Linda, La Leche League
(847) 526-5942

Wheaton, IL
Jan Barger RN, MA, IBCLC The Breastfeeding Connection
(630) 665-6848

Wilmette, IL
Patricia B. Drazin, IBCLC, Lactation Support Group, Inc.
(847) 484-0516

Wilmette, IL
Peg Jansson, RN, MSN, Nursing Care of Newborns and Families
(847) 853-1285




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in Indiana:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Auburn, IN
Leta, La Leche League
(260) 925-4826

Bloomington, IN
Joan, La Leche League

Bloomington, IN
MaryAnn, La Leche League

Decatur, IN
Sharolyn M. Faurote, RN, IBCLC
Maternity Center
Adams Memorial Hospital
(260) 724-2145 ext. 2508

Elkhart, IN
Rachel Eby, BA, IBCLC
The Motherhood Connection: Breastfeeding Clinic and Support
Elkhart General Hospital
(574) 389-4886


Elkhart, IN
Lori Knisely, RN, IBCLC
Unit Coordinator-Special Begininngs
Elkhart General Hospital
(574) 523-3440

Elkhart, IN
Linda Lyon, RN, IBCLC
The Motherhood Connection: Breastfeeding Clinic and Support
Elkhart General Hospital
(574) 389-4886

Elkhart, IN
Stacy, La Leche League

Indianapolis, IN
La Leche League
* 24 Hour Hotline Number *

Indianapolis, IN
Christine Lundberg, RN, IBCLC
BabyDance Breastfeeding Support
(317) 352-9820

Indianapolis, IN
Anne P. Mark BSN, RN, IBCLC
Mommies & Poppies
(317) 257-0801

Indianapolis, IN
Lisa Lahey, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Little Lactation Moments
(317) 891-9142

Indianapolis, IN
Tracy Wilson
The Birth Center
(317) 328-0671

Jeffersonville, IN
Andrea Denbow, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC
Clark Memorial Hospital
(812) 283-2901




Kendallville, IN
Catherine Conley
Parkview Noble Hospital
(260) 347-8337

Kokomo, IN
Cheryl Parrott, RN, BSN, IBCLC
The Breast Way
(765) 454-8805

Lafayette, IN
Penny Lane, RN, IBCLC
(765) 449-7555

Logansport, IN
Julia A Decker, RNC, LCCE, IBCLC
(574) 722-5418

Madison, IN
Jennifer, La Leche League
(812) 273-0965

Mishawaka, IN
Kerrie Conway, IBCLC
Birth and Breastfeeding Services
(574) 257-0487

Muncie, IN
Danielle, La Leche League
(765) 760-2329

New Castle, IN
Charlene Booster IBCLC
Mother Child Center at Henry County Memorial Hospital
WIC Program
(765) 521-1428

Newburgh, IN
Yvette Wassmer, CLC, IBCLC, RLC
(812) 490-0978


Portage, IN
Janice L. Lute, RN, IBCLC
Mother Baby Connection
(219) 762-3140

South Bend, IN
Jeannie Derrow, RN, IBCLC
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
(219) 237-7043

West Lafayette, IN
Jeni Leaird, BS, IBCLC, LLLeader
Baby's Talk, Lactation Services
(765) 497-9795

West Lafayette, IN
Miriam Soto Santiago
La Liga de la Leche de Indiana
(765) 496-4997



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Iowa:

(alphabetical by city/town, IA)

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Iowa's directory is in progress,
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~ Dr.MOZ



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Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in Kansas:

(alphabetical by city/town, KS)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Manhattan, KS
Melanie Ramsey, RN, BSN, IBCLC
(785) 587-5432

Olathe, KS
Anne Mercer, RN, MSN, IBCLC
(816) 234-3596




Topeka, KS
Bonnie Totten, ARNP, IBCLC
(785) 295-5498



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Kentucky:

(alphabetical by city/town, KY)

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Louisville, KY
Amy Farnsley, Postpartum Doula, CLC
Mother Nurture
(502) 640-1778



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Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Louisiana:

(alphabetical by city/town, LA)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ




Louisiana's directory is in progress,
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Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Maine:

(alphabetical by city/town)

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Lincoln, ME
Paula Holland, CD (DONA), CLC, CE
Certified Lactation Counselor
(207) 794-8026





Maine's directory is in progress,
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Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Maryland:

(alphabetical by city/town, MD)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Severna Park, MD
Flossie Rollhauser, IBCLC
(410) 222-0085





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Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Massachusetts:

(alphabetical by city/town, MA)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



East Sandwich, MA
Karin Cadwell, PHD,RN,IBCLC
Healthy Children Project
327 Quaker Meeting House Road
(508) 888-8044

Middleboro, MA
Marcy McMahon, RN, IBCLC
(508) 946-4836

Needham, MA
Elizabeth Sargent, IBCLC
43 Webster Street
(781) 444-7478



Newton, MA

Jessica Lang Kosa

Additional Areas Served: Boston, Wellesley, Cambridge, Needham, Somerville, Brookline, Waltham
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: I am a lactation consultant offering help for breastfeeding problems including sore nipples/painful nursing, low milk supply, Breastfeeding after reduction, Premature infants, and more.

My background: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC); La Leche League Leader ; Childbirth doula; Research Specialist, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, 2007-2010; Postdoctoral research scientist, MIT 1999-2006; Ph.D., Yale University, 1999; B.A., Swarthmore College, 1992
Company Name: Motherfeeding
Phone: (781) 489-8681

Affiliate Code: Use the code "MA1110JK" when you sign-up for your enhanced member listing, and the membership listing for Jessica will automatically extend by 4 months!

(Membership Ends: 6/30/12)



Newton, MA
Dot Norcross, BS,IBCLC
Lactation Care Inc.
25 Fisher Avenue
(617) 244-5593

Pittsfield, MA
Mary-Jane Sackett, RN,BSN,IBCLC
Mother-Baby Unit
Berkshire Medical Center
725 North Street
(413) 499-3428

Sterling (Worcester Cty), MA
Debbie Page, RN, IBCLC, RLC
Visiting Lactation Consultants
and The New Born Baby
(978) 422-9070




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Michigan:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Michigan's directory is in progress,
please visit again soon!
~ Dr.MOZ




Do you offer lactation support in MI?
If so, please send us your info
using directions at the top of this page.





Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Minnesota:

(alphabetical by city/town, MN)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Blaine, MN
Judith Piotrowski, RN,IBCLC
Abbott Northwestern Hospital-Minneap
1142 106th Lane NE
(612) 863-4638

Cambridge, MN
Jennifer Kroschel, RN, IBCLC
Partners in Pregnancy
Cambridge Medical Center
701 Delwood St. So.
(763) 689-8700

Minneapolis (surrounding), MN
Kattina Duncan, Breastfeeding Counselor, Birth Doula, Car Seat Safety Tech
(763) 807-1942


Minneapolis, MN
Rochelle Boyce, RN,IBCLC,RLC
Lactation Support Program
Childrens Hospitals & Clinics
2525 Chicago Ave. South
(612) 813-7654

North Branch, MN
Kathryn Bell RNC, IBCLC
Healthy Beginnings
36054 Falcon Way
(612) 674-2119



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Mississippi:

(alphabetical by city/town, MS)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Greenville, MS
Kendall Cox, BA,IBCLC,RLC
(662) 332-9498

Lee County, MS
Wic Breastfeeding Program
(662) 680-6008


Tupelo, MS
Toni Hill, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
Doula and Childbirth Educator
(662) 255-8283




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Missouri:

(alphabetical by city/town, MO)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Lee's Summit, Missouri
Melody Bruns, RN, IBCLC, RLC, Lactation Consultant
St. Luke's East Hospital
100 NE Saint Luke's Boulevard
(816) 347-4680




St. Louis, (metro area) MO
Stacey Melliere, CD (DONA), CLC
(618) 531-2969


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Montana:

(alphabetical by city/town, MT)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Bozeman, MT
Bernadette Neuman RN, IBCLC
(406) 585-5000
Billings, MT
Tammy Fern, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant



Whitefish, MT
Wendy Barton, RD,IBCLC
(406) 863-9067




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Nebraska:

(alphabetical by city/town, NE)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Lincoln, NE
Michelle Lingenfelter, CPNP, IBCLC
Complete Childrens Health
(402) 465-5600



Do you offer lactation support in NE?
If so, please send us your info
using directions at the top of this page.




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in Nevada:

(alphabetical by city/town, NV)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Carson City, NV
Mary Scott, RN, IBCLC
Carson Tahoe Hospital
(775) 885-4748

Elko, NV
Lynne Hoffman, MS, CCE, IBCLC
Elko Family Resource Center
(775) 738-3920

Fallon, NV
Cheryl Russo-Streitz, RD, IBCLC
(775) 428-6366

Las Vegas, NV
Corrine, La Leche League
(702) 643-9433

Las Vegas, NV
Zena K. Gresham, RLC, IBCLC
Roseberry Lactation Services
(702) 658-4634



Las Vegas, NV
Tami Schlosser LS CLE CLC
Southern NV Breastfeeding Services
In-Home Breastfeeding Support
(702) 987-1579

Las Vegas, NV
May Tang, CLC
Mom’s Special Gift

Minden, NV
Melinda Hoskins, MS, RN, IBCLC
(775) 720-4625

Reno, NV
Robin Hollen RN,IBCLC
(775) 829-8253

Sparks, NV
Jimi Francis PhD,IBCLC
(775) 626-1556




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in New Hampshire:

(alphabetical by city/town, NH)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Dover, NH
Jean Loiselle RNC, IBCLC
Wentworth Douglass Hospital
789 Central Ave
(603) 740-2233

Henniker, NH
Kathleen Kendall-Tackett PhD, IBCLC


Portsmouth, NH
Wendy Jordan BS, IBCLC
WIC Program
(603) 778-1834

Tilton, NH
Kristen Prescott, MD, FAAP, IBCLC
Riverfront Medical Group
322 W. Main St.
(603) 286-3800




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Specialists in New Jersey:

(alphabetical by city/town, NJ)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Allendale, NJ
Suzanne Bussetti, Westside Pediatrics
(201) 788-1457

Allenhurst, NJ
Cynthia Barabas, MD Ocean Breastfeeding Medicine
(732) 660-0707

Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Rachel S. Levine, IBCLC, BFA, RLC
(732) 708-9262


Audubon, NJ
Elizabeth Corcory, RN, IBCLC
(856) 546-5976

Bloomsbury, NJ
Jo Ann Jarvis, BS, IBCLC
(908) 479-1652

Bricktown, NJ
Jen, La Leche League
(732) 295-3171

Bridgewater, NJ
Patricia Ellis, RN , MA, IBCLC,
The Mother and Child Reunion
(908) 252-9656

Brielle, NJ
Nancy Kleinfeld, R.D., IBCLC
(732) 292-0355

Burlington, NJ
Tommi Peterson RNC, CPCE, IBCLC
(609) 386-3317

Camden, NJ
Lori Feldman-Winter MD, FAAP, IBCLC
(856) 968-9576

Chatham, NJ
Maria Parlapiano, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Resource Center, Inc.
(973) 701-0606


Chatham, NJ
Carol Smith, BA, IBCLC
Lactation Resource Center, Inc.
(973) 701-0606

Cherry Hill, NJ
Connie, La Leche League
(856) 795-8554

Clinton, NJ
Lisa, La Leche League
(908) 437-6110

Colts Neck (Monmouth/Ocean), NJ
Cassandra P. Leahy
The Lactation Lady, LLC
(732) 539-1656

Denville, NJ
Shari Criso, MSN, RN, CNM, IBCLC
The Birth Boutique
28 Diamond Spring Rd
(973) 627-8850

Florham Park, NJ
Geraldine A. Perkins, BA, IBCLC The Lactation Connection
(973) 377-6900

Hackettstown, NJ
Beth, La Leche League
(908) 850-5695

Hackettstown, NJ
Lisa, La Leche League
(908) 362-7876

Hamilton, NJ
Barbara Cincilla, IBCLC
(609) 585-8141

Hamilton (central NJ), NJ
Carolyn Schindewolf, In home Lactation Consults, IBCLC
The Lactation Connection, LLC

Haworth, NJ
Ann Anderson, RN, IBCLC
(201) 385-3423

Hamilton (central NJ), NJ
Carolyn Schindewolf, In home Lactation Consults, IBCLC
The Lactation Connection, LLC

Highland Park, NJ
Jackie, La Leche League
(732) 549-2272


Jersey City, NJ
Eileen, La Leche League
(201) 798-3038

Jersey City, NJ
Lissa, La Leche League
(201) 433-5287

Jersey City, NJ
Robin Petrick IBCLC, CCE
(201) 418-1015

Jobstown, (Rancocas Valley) NJ
Danielle, La Leche League
609) 702-0588

Landing, NJ
Rachel Smith RN,BSN,IBCLC
(973) 398-6903

Lawrenceville, NJ
Donna, La Leche League
609) 890-0746

Lawrenceville, NJ
Linda, La Leche League
(609) 883-6265

Livingston, NJ
Susan Yoskowitz BSN,RN,IBCLC

Lumberton, NJ
Danielle Brenner, MS, Breastfeeding Educator
Your Baby's First Gift
(609) 702-0588

Marlboro, NJ
Deborah Bovan RNC,BSN,IBCLC
(732) 625-3836




Mercerville, NJ
Erika, La Leche League
609) 730-0969

Mercerville, NJ
Laura, La Leche League
609) 581-4702

Midland Park, NJ
Christine Dobkins, MS, IBCLC
Lactation Consultants of North Jersey
(201) 652-7007

Montclair, NJ
Laurie Barbalinardo RN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Support Program
Parent Education Mountainside Hospital
(973) 429-6264

Montclair, NJ
Elizabeth Buggeln RN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Support Program
Parent Education Mountainside Hospital
(973) 429-6264


Moorestown, NJ
Kim Johnson RN, BSN, IBCLC
(856) 325-3861

Morristown, NJ
Amy Gole, RNC, Ed.M, IBCLC, LCCE Breastfeeding Support Program
Morristown Memorial Hospital
(973) 971-5027

Mozerton, NJ
Dianne Aswipee, IBCLC
Lactation Resources

Newton, NJ
Diana Matthies, RNC, IBCLC
(973) 383-3426

Ocean City, NJ
Julia Ann Quickmire, BA, IBCLC
(609) 398-1431

Old Bridge, NJ
Alicia Dermer, MD, IBCLC
(732) 254-1515

Pompton Plains, NJ
Linda A McGee, RN, LCCE, CD, IBCLC
(973) 839-7316

Princeton, NJ
Heather Kay, BS, IBCLC
(609) 921-3400

Princeton, NJ
Karen, La Leche League
(609) 936-1530

Princeton, NJ
Wendy, La Leche League
(609) 799-1302

Colts Neck, NJ
Cassandra P. Leahy
The Lactation Lady, LLC
(732) 539-1656


Salem, NJ
Vicky, La Leche League
(856) 299-8994

Sewell, NJ
Dawn Swiderski RN, IBCLC
(856) 582-2376

Sewell, NJ
Patricia Young, CPNP, IBCLC, RN, APN
(609) 348-4813

South River, NJ
Jeanine, La Leche League
(609) 430-4364

South River, NJ
Nancy, La Leche League
(732) 698-1607

Spanish Speaking, NJ
Julie (609) 466-0270 or
AlbaLucia (908) 904-0749 call for locations and meeting times La Leche League

Springfield, NJ
Sara Youner IBCLC,JD

Teaneck, NJ
Patricia Sterner RN, MSN, IBCLC
(917) 401-9575

Toms River, NJ
Jo Ann Casazza RN, CS, MSN, IBCLC Community Medical Center
(732) 557-8000 x11818

Trenton, NJ
Capital Health System Lactation Center
(609) 394-4163

Voorhees, NJ
Saunjii Jacobs RN,BSN,IBLCE
(856) 757-3786


Warren, NJ
(908) 791-1666

West Long Beach, NJ
Maria A. Bristol RN, BSN, IBCLC
(732) 870-1126

West Orange, NJ
Marta Andrada, RN, CNM, IBCLC, RLC Palisades Medical Center
(973) 768-0556

Westwood, (N.E. Bergen County) NJ
Milda, La Leche League
(201) 358-0602



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in New Mexico:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Albuquerque (NW), NM
Andrea Bass, RN LC
* In Home Consults Only *
(505) 323-9222

Albuquerque, NM
Christy, La Leche League

Albuquerque, NM
Annie Furie, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant Services, Inc.
Growing Life Maternity
(505) 323-2133

Albuquerque, NM
Roseanne Sanchez, RN, IBCLC
2640 Montclair NE
(505) 889-3615

Clovis, NM
Kimberly, La Leche League
(505) 742-3307

Glorieta, NM
Karolyn S Wilson, CD (DONA), IBCLC
La Joya Doula Care
(505) 757-2190

Las Cruces, NM
Jessica, La Leche League

Las Cruces, NM
Renee, La Leche League

Los Alamos, NM
Gina, La Leche League
(505) 661-8740



Los Alamos, NM
Susannah, La Leche League
(505) 661-2347

Rio Arriba/Espanola, NM
Juanita, La Leche League

Rio Arriba/Espanola, NM
Nirinjan, La Leche League

Roswell, NM
Tallis, La Leche League
(505) 625-1137

Santa Fe, NM
Ann Lown, MS, IBCLC
Women's Services St. Vincent Hospital
455 St. Michael's Drive
(505) 820-5913

Santa Fe, NM
The Santa Fe Breastfeeding Task Force

Santa Fe, NM
Nirinjan, La Leche League
(505) 747-8421 (In Espanola)

Santa Fe, NM
Nirinjan, La Leche League
(505) 747-8421 (In Espanola)

Taos, NM
Becky Lamberth, RN, IBCLC
Taos Clinic for Children and Youth
(505) 758-8651




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in New York:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Albany, NY
Donna M. Bolognino, RN, LC, IBCLC
Offices of Dr. A. Wallingford
(518) 438-7957

Amherst, NY
Barbara Haney-Cocca, IBCLC, RLC, CIMI, CD
Auset Doula & Lactation Services
(716) 633-1245

Amherst, NY
Katie, La Leche League
(716) 693-8495

Amityville, NY
Jeanne Rosser, MA, IBCLC, CCE
(516) 499-8776

Andes, NY
Marilynn Conway, RNC, IBCLC, CCE
(845) 676-3142

Babylon, NY
Dawn Frank RN, BSN, IBCLC
South Shore Lactation Center
(631) 587-1197

Baldwin, NY
Misako Miller, BA, RN, IBCLC, CPCE
South Nassau Communities Hospital
Lactation Resource Center
(516) 377-5300


Bayville, NY
Marietta Munoz, RN, LC
North Shore Lactation Consultant
(516) 628-3633

Beacon, NY
Diana Vargas, RN, MSN, WHNP, CCE Maternal Heights
(845) 702-1133

Bellmore, NY
Joy Padula, IBCLC
(516) 705-8790

Big Flats, NY
Norma Ritter, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Matters
(607) 562-3367

Binghamton, NY
Laura Walker, RNC, IBCLC
Expressly for Moms
Lourdes Hospital
(607) 798-5423

Brasher Falls, NY
Julie M. Cooke, BA, IBCLC, RLC
(315) 764-1690

Brewster, NY
Barbara Latterner RN, IBCLC, Nurturing the Nursing Couple
(914) 279-7605

Bronx, (Riverdale) NY
Deborah, La Leche League
(718) 548-7837

Bronx, (Riverdale) NY
Mia, La Leche League
(718) 543-0314


Bronx, (Riverdale) NY
Victoria, La Leche League
(718) 884-6030

Brooklyn, NY
Stacey Brosnan, CNM, IBCLC
(718) 797-8797

Brooklyn, NY
Andrea Syms-Brown, IBCLC, RLC, CIMI
(917) 864-7457

Buffalo, NY
Susan M Leisner RD, CDN, IBCLC
Erie County Health Department WIC
(716) 858-7989

Buffalo, NY
Carolyn M. Putzbach RNC, IBCLC
Promedicus Health Group/Univera Healthcare
(716) 878-2700 ext 7583

Canandaigua, NY
Eric L. Beyer, MD, IBCLC
Pediatrician with the Canandaigua Medical Group
(716) 393-2860

Canton, (Potsdam) NY
Kira, La Leche League


Glens Falls, NY
Buffy, La Leche League
(518) 798-8783

Glens Falls, NY
Renee, La Leche League
(518) 798-5188

Great Neck, NY
Lauren G. Macaluso, MD, FAAP, IBCLC
(516) 498-2300

Greenwood Lake, NY
Ellen Bane Mahony RN, IBCLC
(845) 477-2937

Henrietta, NY
Vivian Condello, MS, FNP, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant Services
(585) 334-4049

Ithaca, NY
Delight Sticiker RN, BS, IBCLC
Cayuga Medical Center
(607) 387-3712

Locke, NY
Shannon Harding RN, IBCLC
Auburn Memorial Hospital
(315) 255-7381



Long Island

Caryn J. deBrauwere BA IBCLC


Additional Areas Served: Suffok County, Queens, Manhattan,
Specialty, Qualifications & Training: I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in the Long Island & Queens New York area. I am planning on becoming a phd candidate within the fields of lactation science, post partum psychology and womens' healthcare. I have three sons, all breastfed!
I am available nights, weekends and holidays. I believe in the duration as well as the initiation of breastfeeding. Attachment parenting is a wonderful way to create lifelong, lasting bonds between parents and child.

Company Name: Gentle Nurture Lactation
Street Address: P.O. Box 433 Oceanside NY 11572
Phone: (516) 647-4808

(Membership Ends: 10/14/11)



Manhasset, NY
Beverley Rae, MSW, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Resources
(516) 365-4877

Melville, NY
Linda Herman, RN, IBCLC, RLC
(631) 491-3866


Messapequa Park, NY
Donna B. Kimick, IBCLC, RLC Lakeshore Lactation
(516) 799-7911

New City (Bergen/Rockland), NY
Sandra Cole, RNC, IBCLC, RLC
(845) 323-5743

New York, NY
Susan E. Burger, MHS, PhD, IBCLC
Manhattan Lactation Group


New York, NY
Carla Z Inn, R.N.C, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant Services
(917) 607-1872

New York, NY
Sara Ovitsh, MA, IBCLC
(212) 647-8560

New York City (NYC Metro), NY
Adrianne Bowe, IBLCE LC
(646) 236-8738

New York City, NY
Britt and Jani
BabyMoon Doulas
(646) 489-8837

New York City, NY
Petula Gay, IBCLC
(718) 442-4394

New York City, NY
Tamara J. Hawkins, RNC, LCCE, IBCLC
Stork and Cradle
(646) 334-3830

Newark, NY
Sharon Knorr, BSMT, IBCLC Lactation Consultant Services
(315) 331-2140

Oneida, NY
Stephanie Geer, CLC
Madison Co. WIC at 48 E. State Street

Pelham, NY
Mona Gabbay, MD, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Medical Consultants of Westchester
(914) 632-7999

Penfield, NY
Carlene Spranger, RN, IBCLC
(716) 249-0702


Port Byron, NY
Andrea Avraham-Branagan, CLE
Certified Lactation Educator, Certified Doula with DONA
(315) 776-8660

Poughkeepsie, NY
Patricia Morel Murphy, MSN, IBCLC
Lactation Coordinator
Vassar Brothers Hospital
(914) 483-6051

Riverdale, (Bronx) NY
Margot Mann, IBCLC
Riverdale Lactation Center
(718) 601-2939

Rochester, NY
Barbara Berges, BS, RN, IBCLC
WellStream - Park Ridge Hospital
(716) 368-4033

Schenectady (Capital Dist), NY
Jeannine Jacobs, CLC
The Lactation Academy of New York

Sleepy Hollow, NY
Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, NP, IBCLC
(914) 391-3407

Smithtown, NY
Claudine Delaney, CLC
Lactation Counselor
Nature and Nurture
(631) 864-4799

Staten Island, NY
Kathleen DiMauro, RN, C, MS, IBCLC
Mother's Resource
(718) 727-8809


Staten Island, NY
Carol Olsen, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Mother's Resource
(718) 727-8809

Syracuse, NY
Anne Andrianos, MS, RN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Resources
(315) 424-0009 x 105

Utica, NY
Heather Kowell, CLC
Healthy Families-Oneida County
The Family Nurturing Center of CNY, Inc.
(315) 738-9773

Vestal, (Appalachin) NY
Amy, La Leche League
(607) 722-8547

Warsaw, NY
Lee Harris RN, IBCLC
The Care Connection, Lactation & Wellness Center
(716) 786-2701

Westchester, NY
Lani Pincus, CNM, MS, IBCLC
Breast Success
(914) 245-0818


Williston Park, NY
Lisa Kennedy
Breastfeeding and Baby Information and Education Services

Woodhaven, NY
Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC
(718) 846-2323

Yorktown Heights, NY
Lee Galasso, MS, IBCLC, RLC
Lactation Center of Westchester & Putnam
(914) 245-2206



Lactation Consultants in North Carolina: (alphabetical by city/town)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Asheboro, NC
Kelly M Morrison, RNC, MS, APRN-BC, IBCLC
(336) 629-8817

Boone, NC
Carrie Finger, IBCLC
Watauga Medical Center
(828) 266-1165

Chapel Hill, NC
Susan O'Hara-Brill, IBCLC
Chatham Lactation Services
(919) 423-8943

Chapel Hill, NC
Barbara, La Leche League

Chapel Hill, NC
Pam, La Leche League, pump rental

Chapel Hill, NC
Ruthie, La Leche League, Español

Charlotte, NC
Gretta Blythe, RN, BSN, IBCLC
(704) 384-7517

Charlotte, NC
Jan Ellen Brown, IBCLC, RLC Breastfeeding Homevisit Service
(704) 366-0230

Durham, NC
Teresa J. Hobbs, RN, IBCLC, RLC Durham Regional Hospital
(919) 470-8463 ext. 2

Durham, NC
Elizabeth, La Leche League, Español
(919) 382-8750

Durham, NC
Ruthie, La Leche League, Español
(919) 405-2279

Durham, NC
Leslie Stern CNM, IBCLC
3311 Virgie Lane
(919) 381-8781

Fairview (Buncombe County), NC
Susan Mooney LLL of Asheville
(828) 628-4438


Fayetteville, NC
Linda Aycock, BS, CLC, IBCLE
(910) 485-3425

Greensboro, NC
Linda Donovan, MHA, RN, IBCLC
Peaceful Beginnings
(336) 851-9552

High Point, NC
Barbara Carder, RN, IBCLC
(336) 878-6712

Huntersville, NC
Lisa Mather, LPN, IBCLC of Carolina Healthcare System
(704) 947-8911

Jacksonville, NC
Linda Aycock, BS, CLC, IBCLE of High Point Regional Health Services
(910) 347-2154

Laurinburg, NC
Marna Pawl, IBCLC of Scotland Memorial Hospital Women's Center
(910) 291-7807

Lexington, NC
Nancy L. Colangione, IBCLC
(336) 798-7307



Lillington, NC
Bethany McGarity, RN, of Natural Nurturer Doula Services & Lactation Counseling
(910) 893-2335

Morganton, NC
Jane Cash, RN, IBCLC
Grace Hospital
(828) 580-5410

New Bern, NC
Donna Stortz, RN, IBCLC
Craven Regional Medical Center
(252) 633-8272


Oak Island, NC
Vicki J Carlson, RN, IBCLC, RLC
Coastal Breastfeeding Services
(910) 201-4624

Outer Banks, NC
Allyson, La Leche League
(757) 961-3106

Raleigh, NC
Ann Conlon-Smith, IBCLC
Triangle Lactation Consultants
(919) 845-8826

Raleigh, NC
Kellam, La Leche League
(919) 846-6556

Raleigh, NC
Sarah, La Leche League
(919) 852-0356

Statesville (Lake Norman), NC
Erin Moore
(704) 450-9972

Wake Forest, NC
Donna, La Leche League

Walstonburg, NC
Victoria L. Brown, BS, IBCLC, AAHCC
Birthways and Baby Days
(252) 747-7785

Wilmington, NC
Breastfeeding Center of Wilmington
Vicki J Carlson, RN, IBCLC, RLC
Norma Escobar, IBCLC
4406-B Wrightsville Ave.
(910) 793-4110

Wilson, NC
Lydia Asper, CPNP, IBCLC
Mother's Treasures

Winston-Salem, NC
Barbara Carter, RN, BSN, IBCLC
The Infant Nutrition Center or Forsyth

Winston Salem, NC
Martha Cuervol, Lactation Consultant RLC, IBCLC
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center-NICU
(336) 716-1905

Winston-Salem, NC
Infant Nutrition Center of Forsyth
Certified Lactation Consultants
(336) 718-5636

Winterville, NC
Deb Pomeroy, RN, IBCLC
(252) 321-0823




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in North Dakota:

(alphabetical by city/town, ND)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Grand Forks, ND
Rhonda Huot, CD(DONA), CLC
Mom's Breastfeeding Support Group
(218) 893-2215



Do you offer lactation support in ND?
If so, please send us your info
using directions at the top of this page.



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Ohio:

(alphabetical by city/town, OH)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Akron, OH
Donatella, La Leche League
(330) 869-9171

Barnesville, OH
Jean Cooper IBCLC, RN,BSN
(740) 633-4294

Canal Winchester, OH
Bonnie Cable IBCLC, RN
(614) 829-5228

Cleveland, OH
Catherine Dickinson IBCLC, RN
(440) 572-0810

Cleveland OH
Lisa Edgehouse IBCLC, RN,BSN
(440) 427-0506

Cleveland, OH
Michelle Lounsbury, RN, BSN, CPCE, IBCLC
(216) 360-9353

Columbus, OH
Alison Hazelbaker MA,IBCLC
(614) 326-3504

Dayton, (Cincinnati) OH
Amanda "Honey" Rowland
Lactation Support & Infant Care, Doula, DaL
(937) 855-3831


Dayton (North, Troy), OH
Diane Yantis, Lactation Educator and Doula
(937) 418-4908

Marysville, OH
Ann Robinson RNC, IBCLC
(937) 578-2329

Medina, OH
Linda Sekerak RN,IBCLC
(330) 722-0618

Pataskala, OH
Christine Smith RN,IBCLC
(614) 722-5228

Tallmadge, OH
Pamela Edenfield IBCLC, MSN,RNC,CNS
(330) 344-6342

Toledo, (Lucas Cty) OH
Laura, La Leche League Evening Group
(419) 944-7412

Toledo, (Lucas Cty) OH
Sue, La Leche League Day Group
(734) 847-0039

Worthington, OH
Nancy Derian IBCLC, RN,ICCE
(614) 353-0727




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Oklahoma:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Oklahoma's directory is in progress,
please visit again soon!
~ Dr.MOZ




Do you offer lactation support in OK?
If so, please send us your info
using directions at the top of this page.


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Oregon:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Albany, OR
Sandra Holland RN, IBCLC, RLC
(541) 812-5121

Ashland, OR
Mary Ellen Rhoades BA,IBCLC
(541) 621-7206

Beaverton, OR
Jessica, La Leche League
(503) 466-0198

Bend, OR
Nicole, La Leche League
(541) 350-9601

Bend, OR
Rebecca McColl IBCLC

Corvallis, OR
Monique, La Leche League
(541) 754-9898

Eugene, OR
Sherry Dailey IBCLC, PNP
(541) 687-6377

Eugene, OR
Martha Johnson RN,IBCLC
(541) 688-2310

Hillsboro, OR
Heidi, La Leche League
(503) 781-2240

Klamath Falls, OR
Kay Easton IBCLC, RN
(541) 883-6201




Mc Minnville, OR
Ellen McChesney RN,BSN,IBCLC
(503) 434-6694

Monmouth, OR
Jacqueline Alloway IBCLC, RN
(503) 606-2767

Portland, OR
Peggy Andrews IBCLC, RN
Adventist Medical Center's
Lactation Center
(503) 251-6262


Portland, OR
Dixie Whetsell MS,IBCLC
(503) 236-9434Portland, OR

Portland, OR
Vicky York, IBCLC, CPD, Lactation Consultant, Postpartum Doula
Postpartum Care Services
43 SE 47th
(503) 320-5811

Roseburg, OR
(541) 440-2450

Tigard, OR
Jill Neyenhuis RN, IBCLC
(503) 216-4033

Tualatin, OR
Carla Wieting RN,IBCLC
(503) 692-4130

West Linn, OR
Laraine Clark IBCLC, RN, RNC,BSN
(503) 656-0661



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Pennsylvania:

(alphabetical by city/town, PA)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Boothwyn, PA
Virginia Flego, RN,IBCLC,RLC
(215) 615-0966

Erie, PA
Karen McArthur, RN, IBCLC
(814) 452-7732

Langhorne (SE PA and NJ), PA
Theresa Wrublesky RN, CBC, CPD, Postpartum Doula, CLC, CPD
(215) 860-8461



Pittsburgh, PA
Diane Bear, RN, IBCLC
Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh
(412) 232-7135

Smithton, PA
Rosa Snyder-Boyd MA,IBCLC
(412) 872-8275



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Rhode Island:

(alphabetical by city/town, RI)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Charlestown, RI
Denise Fenick, BS, RN, IBCLC
(401) 742-5665




Peacedale, RI
Edith Klem, RN, IBCLC
(401) 783-5971

Do you offer lactation support in RI?
If so, please send us your info
using directions at the top of this page.


Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in South Carolina:

(alphabetical by city/town)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Aiken, SC
Terry, La Leche League
(803) 642-9324

Beaufort, SC
Tracy, La Leche League

Charleston, (Mt. Pleasant) SC
Mandy, La Leche League
(843) 571-5386

Columbia, SC
Denise Altman, RN, IBCLC, LCCE
All The Best
200 Acton Court
(803) 479-2327

Columbia, SC
Janet, La Leche League
(803) 738-0909

Daniel Island, SC
Elizabeth, La Leche League
(843) 971-6632

Florence, SC
Kristen,La Leche League

Greenville, SC
Diane Hall, RN, CLC
Upstate Pump Rentals
17 Riverwood Circle
(864) 675-4215




Lexington, SC
Anne, La Leche League
(803) 422-3215

Lexington, SC
Michelle Schirra, RN, CLC
Lexington Medical Center
(803) 791-2525

Rock Hill, SC
Lactation Support Services
Piedmont Medical Center
222 South Herlong Avenue
(803) 323-6085

Simpsonville, SC
Natalie, La Leche League
(864) 228-1632

Summerville, SC
Sue, La Leche League
(843) 376-1150

Sumter, SC
Karen, La Leche League
(803) 469-9357

York County, SC
Jennifer, La Leche League
(803) 628-1049



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in South Dakota:

(alphabetical by city/town, SD)

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!



Brookings, SD
Lois Tschetter, RN, EdD, IBCLC
(605) 692-5321

Sioux Falls, SD
Martha Pap, RN, MSN, CNP, IBCLC
(605) 328-5589


Sioux Falls, SD
Rebecca Severson, RNC, IBCLC
(605) 322-4480





Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Tennessee:

(alphabetical by city/town, TN)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Bristol, TN
Samantha, (Habla Español) La Leche League
(423) 878-8359

Bristol, TN
Sara, La Leche League
(423) 764-1548

Brentwood, TN
Jeannie Casey, CD (DONA), AAHCC, HBCE, PD
Nashville Childbirth
(615) 370-5912

Chattanooga, TN
Debbie, La Leche League

Coffee County, TN
Tracey, La Leche League
(931) 393-5183

Cookeville, TN
Betty Rose, BSN, RN, IBCLC
TLC Lactation Support
(931) 526-8681


Cookeville, (and surrounding) TN
Jessi, La Leche League
(931) 525-6545

Cookeville, (and surrounding) TN
Lisa, La Leche League
(931) 528-4286

Fort Campbell, KY
EuLynne Harrison, MSN, CNM, IBCLC, MAJ/AN
Blanchfield Army Community Hospital- U.S. Army

Kingsport, TN
Becky Flora-Waterman, BSed, IBCLC, RLC
Breastfeeding Essentials
(423) 239-5885

Knoxville, TN
Linda Cole, CNM, IBCLC
Maternity Center of East Tennessee
1925-B Ailor Avenue
(423) 637-0281

Jackson, TN
Debbie Bruce, DTR, IBCLC
Jackson-Madison Co. General Hospital
708 W. Forest Ave.
(901) 425-8172

Jackson, TN
Linda Parsons, RNC, IBCLC
Women and Children's Center
Jackson-Madison County General Hospital
(731) 425-5140

Knoxville, TN
Deirdre, La Leche League
(865) 670-1526

Knoxville, TN
Mitzi, La Leche League

Madison County, TN
Kaye, La Leche League
(901) 668-4562



Memphis, TN
Donna Butts, RN, IBCLC
Methodist North Hospital
3960 New Covington Pike
(901) 384-5484

Morristown, TN
Erica, La Leche League
(865) 933-0819

Morristown, TN
Sandra, La Leche League
(865) 993-3369

Murfreesboro, TN
Diana Douglas, Lactation Consultant, RNC-NIC, IBCLC
Lactation Center & Boutique at Middle Tennessee Medical Center
400 N. Highland Ave.
(615) 396-4167

Murfreesboro, TN
Jacqueline Randolph, IBCLC, RLC
Nursing Mothers' Services
(615) 895-0068

Nashville, TN
Denise, La Leche League
(615) 297-7539

Nashville, TN
Micky Jones, CLD, HCHI, IBCLC
Birth Doula, Lactation Consultant, CD
9 Months & Beyond, LLC

Nashville, TN
Jane Kershaw, RN, BA, IBCLC
"A Mother's Place" at Women's Hospital of Centennial Medical Center
2300 Patterson St.
(615) 342-5650

Oak Ridge, TN
Cathy, La Leche League

Rutherford County, TN
Connie, La Leche League

Selmer, TN
Cheryl Adams, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC
Rose Creek Village Childbirth Services
(731) 645-7613

Seymore, TN
Cynthia M. Stair, BSEd, CD(DONA), IBCLC
Knox County Health Department
(865) 579-3714

Union City-Martin, TN
Sandy, La Leche League
(731) 587-9134

Williamson County, TN
Jennifer, La Leche League
(931) 489-0996




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Texas:

(alphabetical by city/town, TX)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Abilene, TX
Liz, La Leche League

Allen, TX
Deena, La Leche League
(972) 727-4213

Amarillo, TX
Jennifer Daily, RN, CLE
Northwest Texas Healthcare Systems (806) 354-1394 outpatient consults
(888) 691-6667 breastfeeding hotline

Austin (South), TX
Beth, La Leche League
(512) 858-4565

Austin (North), TX
Amanda, La Leche League
(512) 671-3399


Austin (North), TX
Allie, La Leche League
(512) 336-1774

Austin (West), TX
Bev, La Leche League

Austin (West), TX
Marianne, La Leche League

Austin, (Lakeway) TX
Ann Bennett IBCLC
(512) 965-4626

Austin, TX
Cheryl Heymans, IBCLC
Special Addition, Maternity & Nursing Boutique
(512) 326-9308

Bluff Dale, TX
Tanya Roberts, BSEd, IBCLC
Lactation Connection
(254) 728-3627

Corpus Christi, TX
Laurie Beck, RN, MSN, IBCLC
(361) 994-8944

Corpus Christi, TX
Ann, La Leche League
(361) 767-1228

Corpus Christi, TX
Nancy, La Leche League

Dallas, TX
Deena Licht RN, IBCLC
(903) 625-0669

Dallas, (East) TX
Carin, La Leche League
(214) 342-2355

Dallas, (East) TX
Nancy, La Leche League

Dallas, (East) TX
Tracy, La Leche League


Dallas, (North) TX
Elizabeth, La Leche League

Dallas, (North) TX
Sarah, La Leche League

El Paso, TX
Lizabeth J. Berkeley, MPH, CLC
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center
(915) 545-6784

Floresville, TX
Diane, La Leche League
(830) 947-4450

Floresville, TX
Julie, La Leche League
(830) 393-9053

Friendswood, TX
Mindy Robertson, AAS, IBCLC, RLC
Add a Little Love
(281) 331-4522

Frisco, TX
Joy Abraira
PRN Centennial Medical Center and PHOA
(214) 398-0310

Ft. Worth, (& surrounding) TX
La Leche League
(871) 588-1006

Georgetown, TX
Beverly Morgan, IBCLC, CLE
(512) 931-2350



Grapevine, TX
Kathleen Willis, RN, IBCLC
The Nesting Place
(817) 480-3775

Houston, TX
Jane C. Van North, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Consultant Services, Inc.
(281) 444-5115

Houston, (area main line) TX
La Leche League
(713) 383-2819

Houston, (area main line) TX
La Leche League para informacion en espanol habla a "Dubraska"
(832) 615-0675

Houston, (area main line) TX
La Leche League para informacion en espanol habla a "Maria"
(281) 828-9932

Houston, TX
Suzy Adams, BSN, IBCLC, RN
Baby Expressions
(281) 463-1871

Kingwood, TX
Suzanna Juel
My Little Juel
(832) 594-6969

Lubbock, TX
Amanda, La Leche League
(806) 794-4839

Lubbock, TX
Celeste, La Leche League
(806) 780-0644


Nash, TX
Carlotta Endsley, RN, IBCLC
(903) 832-5904

Odessa, TX
Tonya Clark, RN, IBCLC
Texas Tech University HSC-WIC
(432) 332-9633

Paris, TX
Mary Beth Burns, RN, MSN, IBCLC
(903) 785-2737

Plainview, TX
Glynda Jordan, RNC, CBE, CLE, TBE
Covenant Hospital PLainview, MFW
(806) 296-4269

Plano, TX
Wendy Blumberg
Baby, Birth & You
(972) 985-8828

Richardson, TX
Linda Worzer, BME, IBCLC, CD (DONA), AAHCC
Natural Beginnings
(972) 699-3921

San Antonio, TX
Kathy Parkes, RN, IBCLC
The Lactation Connection (TLC)
(210) 655-6806

South Padre Island, TX
Marna Moran, BSN, RN, IBCLC
(313) 347-4230

Southlake, TX
Beth Nolen, RN, IBCLC
(313) 347-4230

Sulphur Springs, TX
Sherry Therwhanger, LVN, IBCLC
(903) 885-0740

Texarkana, TX
Carolyn George, RN, BSN, IBCLC
(903) 792-5636

Uvalde, TX
Pauline A Garcia, RN, C, IBCLC
Uvalde Memorial Hospital
(830) 278-625

Victoria, TX
Rachel Clark, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Citizens Medical Center
(361) 579-1375

Waco, TX
Janie, La Leche League
(254) 881-8939

Waco, TX
Kathy, La Leche League
(254) 848-2896

Whitehouse, TX
Kathy Birt, RNC, IBCLC
Natural Beginnings
(903) 871-2130

The Woodlands, TX
Cindy Barrick, RN, IBCLC
A Mother's Touch
(936) 520-1668




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Utah:

(alphabetical by city/town, UT)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Millville, UT
Margo Christensen, RN, IBCLC
(435) 716-5698

Salt Lake City, UT
Phyllis Crowley MS,RD,CD,IBCLC
(801) 538-6823

Salt Lake City, UT
Diana Dennis RN, IBCLC
(801) 408-2458



Salt Lake City, UT
Lynn Gardner RN, IBCLC
(801) 408-8661

South Jordan, Utah
Julie Johnson, BA, LCCE, CD, LCCE, IBCLC
(801) 608-8947

West Point, UT
(801) 387-4132




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Virginia:

(alphabetical by city/town, VA)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Charlottesville, VA
Helen Wanner RN, MSN, IBCLC
(804) 823-1917

Midlothian, VA
Nancy Raines RN, IBCLC
(804) 560-5830




Richmond, VA
Valerie Coleman RN,MSN,LCCE,IBCLC
(804) 828-4634

Spotsylvania, VA
Edna Kaye Donald, LPN, IBCLC
(540) 741-4465



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Vermont:

(alphabetical by city/town, VT)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Brandon, VT
Susan Hogan IBCLC, RNC,BSN
(802) 247-6381

Brattleboro, VT
Aimee Creelman, MSN, IBCLC
The Birthing Center at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
(802) 257-8226

Burlington, VT
Kathleen B. Bruce, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Resources of Vermont
(802) 878-6181

Burlington, (Chittenden Cty) VT
Rachel, La Leche League

Burlington, (Chittenden Cty) VT
Sara, La Leche League

Florence, VT
Diane Dressler, BS, IBCLC, RLC
(802) 483-6820

Grand Isle, VT
Barbara, La Leche League

Hyde Park, VT
Vicki Rich, RN, IBCLC, CCE
Lactation Solutions
(802) 888-3470




Jericho, VT
Christine Bernardine, IBCLC, RN,BSN
(802) 434-5374

Middlebury, (Addison Cty) VT
Kathleen, La Leche League

Middlebury, (Addison Cty) VT
Samantha, La Leche League

Montpelier, (Washigton Cty) VT
Laura, La Leche League

Morrisville, VT
Leah Wilhjelm IBCLC
(802) 888-4470

Orwell, VT
Vicki Kirby RN, IBCLC
Natural Beginnings
(802) 948-2172

Rutland, VT
Sara, La Leche League

Swanton, VT
Diane Dulude IBCLC, CNM,MSN

Thetford Center, VT
Kathleen Craig IBCLC, RNC,BSN
(802) 785-2030

Williston, VT
Kathleen Bruce, IBCLC, BSN,RN,BA
(802) 878-6181



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in Washington:

(alphabetical by city/town, WA)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Auburn, WA
Faith DeWald-Hammel, RNC, BSN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding By Design
(253) 939-5844

Bainbridge Island, WA
Alice Minson, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Island Lactation Consulting
(206) 855-8812

Belevue, WA
Jill Harris, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Women's Center Overlake Medical Center

Bremerton, WA
Lynn Sypian, IBCLC
Naval Hospital
(360) 475-4470

Burlington, WA
Renee Mercier RN, BSN, IBCLC
Naval Hospital Oak Harbor

Edmonds, WA
Marcia David, LMP, LE, CD, CIMI
Heartfelt Center
(425) 670-2481

Everett, WA
Marianne, Le Leche League
(425) 397-9757

Ferndale, WA
Kathleen G. Auerbach, PhD, IBCLC
The Parent Center
(360) 384-1755

Kenmore, WA
Susan J. Arnott, RN, IBCLC
Susan Arnott's Doula Service
(425) 424-8638

Kirkland, WA
Evergreen Hospital Medical Center
Breastfeeding and Postpartum Outpatient Clinic
(425) 899-3494


Mercer Island, WA
Susan Winslow, M.Ed, RN, IBCLC
(206) 236-1710

Olympia (Thurston-Pierce Ctys), WA
Sarah Huntington, MPH, IBCLC, CD(DONA)
Lactation Consultant and Doula
(360) 357-3801

Puyallup, WA
Cydne Marckmann, RN, ARNP, IBCLC
South Hill Family Medicine
(253) 848-5951



Redmond, WA
Kari, Le Leche League
(206) 528-4644

Redmond, WA
Shelia, Le Leche League
(425) 895-9628

Renton, WA
Denise Stuart, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Valley Medical Center Lactation Services
(425) 228-3440 ext. 2526

Richard, WA
Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC
Kadlec Medical
(509) 942-2688


Seattle, WA
Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC
The Second 9 Months
(206) 356-7252

Seattle, WA
Great Starts Birth & Family Education
CEAS Breastfeeding Services
(206) 789-0883

Seattle, WA
University of Washington Medical Center
Ginna Wall, MN, IBCLC, Lactation Services Coordinator
(206) 598-4628

Snohomish, WA
Judy Hulse, RN, IBCLC
(425) 329-4079

Spokane, WA
Karen Querna, RN, BSN, IBCLC
(509) 468-2636

Suquamish, WA
Nancy Ferland, B.S., IBCLC
Kitsap Lactation Services
(360) 598-2719

Tacoma, WA
Franciscan Lactation Consultants
St. Joseph Medical Center - Tacoma
(253) 426-6756

Tacoma, WA
Lisa Jones, RN, IBCLC
Madigan Army Medical Center
(253) 968-2774

Tri-Cities, WA
(Kennewick, Richland, Pasco)
Julie, La Leche League
(509) 266-4252




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in West Virginia:

(alphabetical by city/town, WV)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Berkeley County, WV
Karen, La Leche League
(304) 616-6687

Charleston, WV
Vicki, La Leche League
(304) 744-1421

Charleston, WV
Jamie Peden, RN,IBCLC,RLC
(304) 388-2180

Elkins, WV
Sue Owen, RNC, IBCLC
Davis Memorial Hospital
(304) 637-3283

Jefferson County, WV
Mendy, La Leche League
(304) 260-0456

Jefferson County, WV
Tiffiany, La Leche League
(304) 728-4068



Maidsville, WV
Lynne Ryan, IBCLC
(304) 598-5189

Martinsburg, WV
Jane D. Squires, IBCLC, BSN, LCCE
Mothers' Express
(304) 267-9496

Morgantown, WV
Tina Lindsay, RN, IBCLC
Beautiful Breastfeeding Babies
(304) 276-8677

St. Albans, WV
Yvonne Snyder, RNC, MSN, CFNP, IBCLC
Breastfeeding and Comfort Needs
(304) 722-6766

Teays Valley, WV
Jamie, La Leche League
(304) 743-5850




Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Resources in Wisconsin:

(alphabetical by city/town, WI)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Appleton, WI
Rachel, La Leche League

Appleton, WI
Marty Polzin
(920) 738-6253

Brookfield, WI
Marcia Barritt, IBCLC, RLC.ICCE, CD (DONA)
Nurturing Transitions: Lactation Consultation & Birth Doula Services
(262) 782-6814

Cashton, WI
Andrea T. Benson, RN, CLC
Clinic Manager FSH-Sparta Clinic
(608) 269-1770 Ext. 303

Cushing, WI
Chris Clark, RCP, CD, CLC, IBCLC
Blessingway Family Services
(715) 648-5773

Dodge County, WI
Sarah, La Leche League
(920) 356-8797


Eau Claire, WI
Teresa Sisco, RN, IBCLC
HERS Women's Health Clinic
Luther/Midelfort - Mayo Health System
(800) 236-4377

Fond du Lac, WI
Monica, La Leche League
(920) 922-3526

Green Bay, WI
Lisa, La Leche League

Green Bay, WI
Mindy Frank
LaLeche League Leader
(920) 430-8776

Jefferson County, WI
Colleen, La Leche League
(262) 593-2740

Kenosha, WI
Laura, La Leche League
(262) 654-4398

La Crosse, WI
Linda Lee
Nutrition Manager,
La Crosse County Health Department
(608) 785-9791



La Crosse, WI
Kim Welvaert, RNC, CLC, IBCLC, RLC
Franciscan Skemp Healthcare
(608) 785-0940 ext. 2376

Madison (Dane County), WI
Adria Cannon, BS, IBCLC
(608) 278-8879

Madison, WI 53704
Debbie Healy, CNM, CLC
(608) 242-7867

Menomonie, WI
Gail, La Leche League
(715) 664-8836

Middleton, WI
Madison Birth Center
(608) 821-0123

Mt. Horeb, WI
Anne Eglash, MD, IBCLC
UW Health
(608) 437-3064

Oshkosh, WI
Dorna, La Leche League
(920) 688-2623

Spooner, WI
Barb Otterson, RN, IBCLC
The Breast Friend Place
(715) 635-8831

Spring Green, WI
Mary Jo Coleman, IBCLC
Marvelous Milk Supplies
(888) 387-7502

Verona, WI
Fran, La Leche League
(608) 441-0119

Verona, WI
Ruth Sweet, IBCLC
Lactation Assistance Services
(608) 845-7269

West Bend, WI
Kristin, La Leche League
(262) 335-0971



Lactation Consultants & Breastfeeding Support in Wyoming:

(alphabetical by city/town, WY)

Lactation Support Directory by Dr.MOZ



Wyoming's directory is in progress,
please visit again soon!
~ Dr.MOZ



Do you offer lactation support in WY?
If so, please send us your info
using directions at the top of this page.





Our Lactation Consultant Directory is a free service sponsored by Dr.MOZ who believes in "a healthy dose of fun" for the whole family. Thank you for submitting your information and please tell a friend about Dr.MOZ's line of gifts for new and expecting dads!




Benefits of breastfeeding:
As you local lactation consultants (listed above) and the American Academy of Pediatrics will tell you, there is nothing as perfectly suited to nourish your baby as mom's breastmilk. Just a few of the proven benefits for baby and mother include:

Benefits to Breastfed Babies

- Nutrition: correct amount of amino acids, fatty acids, lactose, and water for your baby to grow.

- Healthy Teeth: Breastfeeding encourages the proper development of the jaw and in turn, healthy teeth.

- Protection for Illness: Breastmilk contains the antibodies that babies need to kill bacteria, viruses and other diseases present in your specific environment.

- Connection: Skin-to-skin contact through breastfeeding helps create a close bond between mother and baby. This physical and emotional connection between mother and child is extreamly important and the beneficial psychological/physical impacts are just now being discovered.

Benefits to Breastfeeding Mom

- Weight Loss: Aside from the important health advantages that breastfed babies enjoy, it is also a well-known fact that breastfeeding mothers lose weight more quickly than non-breastfeeding mothers. This is due to the fact that milk production can use 300-500 calories per day!

- Lower Reproductive Cancer Risk: Studies have shown that uterine and ovarian cancers are more common in non-breastfeeding mothers. Although the causes for higher reproductive cancers in non-breastfeeding women are still controversial among many in the medical community, most will agree that there is a relationship between the higher levels of estrogen present in women who do not breastfeed.

- Cost: New mothers who breastfeed save a substantial amount of money on baby formula and the related gadgets needed to support formula fed bottles. Families adopting breastfeeding tend to be healthier, which can obviously have a positive effect on the pocket book also.

- Connection: As mentioned earlier, skin-to-skin contact through breastfeeding helps create a close bond between mother and baby. This physical and emotional connection is extreamly important and beneficial for mothers as well!



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