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Thank you for visiting Dr.MOZ's baby blog directory! Many Dr.MOZ fans first found out about Dr.MOZ's daddy gifts through popular baby blogs and parenting blogs, so we wanted to return the favor by helping spread the word about our blogging friends.

We are constantly discovering great new blogs, so read more below about having your baby blog, mommy blog, daddy blog, parenting/family blog, or related baby gear and children's gadget blog added to Dr.MOZ's Baby Blog Directory. We even have a budding section devoted to celebrity baby blogs, so please let us know if we are missing any of your favorites!



Featured Baby Gear & Parenting Blogs

Now it's time for the shameless self-promotion of our very own blog Dear Dr.MOZ! Inspired by the "old timey" Q & A newspaper columns, the moose M.D. and his team of contributors take your questions related to family fun, baby tips, and healthy gadgets and gifts. Dr.MOZ always has a fun giveaway in progress and many are open to international readers, so drop by and say hello. Don't forget to add a comment to a post, or better yet...send your favorite moose a "Dear Dr.MOZ" email!

We would also like to introduce a new addition to the Dr.MOZ online network! It is currently in "beta" but will soon be where Dr.MOZ and his twins the maple babies focus on everything "green" including organic food, eco-friendly businesses, safe baby toys, and related tips of interest to health conscious families. We're always looking for like-minded organizations, so let Dr.MOZ know if you would like to sponsor the blog or contribute a fitting prize to an upcoming Maple Baby green giveaway.


General Baby & Parenting Blogs

Babble Blogs

Baby Daddy, Baby Squared, Knocked Up, and more on Babble

Boston Mamas

Cool ideas and resources for families in Boston and beyond.

Clever Parents

The website for smart, successful parents


Random riffs of the parenting kind

Dear Dr.MOZ

Your favorite moose doctor is in, so write a "Dear Dr.MOZ" ...

Geek Parenting

A blog for pop culture junkies who have spawned, yet...

Jumping Monkeys

Pretend you know what you're doing


Calling parents of all ages and lifestyles: aka BloggingBaby

Parent Hacks

Real-world parenting tips from real parents

Poopsy Woo

Dedicated to the unfettered pursuit of having fun with...

The Poop

The Chronicle Baby Blog



Mom Blogs

(or "blogs by moms", depending on where you are from)


The queen of everything

Bay Area Mommy

Parenting news, products, and events in California's Bay Area

Breed 'Em and Weep

I am afraid of swans, teenage boys and IVs.

Cranky Mommy

A half cup of whine, a quarter cup of kuetch, a pound of ...

Crouching Mommy

Just a charming little marital vignette starring ...


Proud mother to daughters Bunny and Wallie and wife to J.

Disgruntled Mom

For those who view motherhood from a slightly skewed ...


A collection of mothers and their memoirs on parenting


A streaming Prozac burp


You don't know what it is, but you know you like it

Girl's Gone Child

Wild and crazy world of motherhood

Hipster Mom

100% trans fat free


blommy mogger

Live Laugh Love

Stay at home Mom of two kids. Parenting can be stressful ...

Mama C-ta

The Chronicles of Cricket

Mama Speaks

A review blog by moms, for moms.


Because we said so

Mom- 101

I don't know what I'm doing either

Mom on a Wire

Mom on a wire

The Mommy Files

Putting life in order one paper cut at a time

Mommy Lounge

A place where moms can learn, laugh, and lounge!


A diverse group of women who are all new or expecting mothers.

Morphing into Mama

Exploring the many colors of motherhood.

Motherhood Uncensored (blog)

Plunging head first into the world of babies and motherhood ...

Motherhood Uncensored (stream)

Kristen's show streaming (in audio form) on Blog Talk Radio...

Rockstar Mommy

Where all the kids day Gabba Gabba Hey

Rookie Moms

Two geeky girls' guide to the first year of motherhood.

Sarah and the Good Squad

That’s right. You heard me.

Suburban Bliss

Birth control via the written word


Chronicles my everyday existence, my desultory thoughts...

The W.A.Y.A Blog

Bit of this and that


Dad Blogs

(or "blogs by dads", depending on where you are from)

at home dad

Men who change diapers change the world

Because I'm Your Father

VP of Parenthood

Cynical Dad

Proof my children will be usign their college funds for therapy

Dad Talk

Dedicated to the moste important people in the world

Dad's Life

This is the life of an at-home Dad. Its sometimes funny...

A Dad's Notes

A Scottish-Canadian expat and stay-at-home father of three

Daddy Types

The weblog for new dads


Building a better dad


James Grayson lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, 2 kids, ...


Join the movement


Traipsing through this jungle called parenthood

defective yeti

Funny strange meets funny ha-ha

Digital Dad

Dealing with too many remotes, wireless networks, mobil ...
Dude Knows Best
Dude and his young family navigating through life’s...

A Family Runs Through It

A blog about raising kids, being a stay-at-home dad, and...

Flailing My Arms

One man's last stand against the quarter life crisis


Tech toys, science projects and other nerdy things to do with...


Never fear, Genuine is here!

House on Red Corner

Where the love is at!

Inside Fatherhood

Dads. An outlook on life.

Man and His Baby

Adventures of a new daddy!


Poppycock from a cocky pop

Modern Day Dad

New school dad. Old school job.

More Diapers

Eric Sagalyn's quest for modern fatherhood.

Mr. Big Dubya

Workin' without a net since 2005
Mr. Mom
Stay at home dad keepin' it real in Loveland, CO

novice pop

Fatherhood, husbandhood, work, life and anything else

Oak Park Dad(s)

A site for parents looking for fun kid-oriented activities in...

Pet Cobra

Hobbies include surfing, writing, screaming obscenities at...

Rebel Dad

A father puts the Stay-At-Home dad trend under the microscope

Rice Daddies

Binkies in one hand, boba tea in the other

Rude Cactus

What normal would be if normal were something else

Samantha Jane's Daily Baby Journal

A humorous blog written from the prospective of my newborn...

Blog dedicated to the Stay at Home Dad

Spain Dad, a Baby Blog

Kelly is an American dad living with his family in Madrid

Sweet Juniper!

A blog written by two people who have a kid. The kid's name...

Tales from the Dad Side

A blog about being a husband and a father in the modern world.

The Zero Boss

Dad's Dead, Baby.
Baby Gear, Gadgets, and Nursery Blogs

AT Therapy

The Apartment Therapy nursery blog

Baby Boy Blog

Blogging about baby boys, products, clothing...

Baby Chic 101

The very best baby and children's fashion, gear, furniture...

Baby Gear Today

The latest in baby gear, clothes, accessories, and cool gear...


Contemporary finds for modern tots

Boutique Mom

Fab finds for the style-savvy mom and child

Cool Mom Picks

We find it, you flaunt it


It's all about the baby (well hip dads and chic moms too!)


Gear, gadgets, and tips by Wired's Geekdad contributors


Must see, must do, must have right now

Goodies for Mom (and babies too)

Product reviews and news, contest/giveaways, articles for ....


Fabulously Chic, Irresistibly Practical

The Maple Baby Blog

Organic baby products and eco-friendly tips for green families.


mod, modern, futuristic + space-age design, technology...

Mom Gadget

A guide to gadgets - gizmos and working from home!


Where to Go, What To Bring, and How to Get There...With Twins

Trendy Tots

Fresh and funky finds from indie designers for kids of all ages!.


Hip info on where to shop, play, eat, travel, and have fun ...

Z Recommends

Every thing that one kid thinks is cool.
Celebrity Baby Blogs


A secret celebrity mom who like to spy on her peers.

Celeb Baby Gear

The name says it all.

Celebrity Babies Blog

Welcoming the little bundles born to be stars!

Celebrity Baby Blog

Danielle and CBB crew uncover all things "celebrity baby"

Celebrity Moms

Where celebrity and motherhood collide.

Featured Blog Archives:


The blog of the moment is the contest directory Prizey! brought to you by the creators of Z Recommends. Prizey! highlights the best "no strings attached" giveaways from family-related blogs and contests hosted on company websites. The blog is constantly adding new features (see: Prizey Winners) and special attention is always given to ensure that the giveaways promoted won't abuse your personal information. Check our Prizey! today, and good luck!


Today's featured blog is Spain Dad, a Baby Blog. The blogger, Kelly is an American living in Spain with his wife April and baby Alleke. There are many baby blogs out there, but very few chronicle a new dads life in such a complete and entertaining format. Kelly's photos and videos include everything from their apartment in Madrid to his favorite breakfast spot making you feel like you really know what it's like to be an American parent living in Spain. Check it out, Spain Dad is a great read!


Dr.MOZ's featured baby and parenting blogs of the moment, the Babble Blogs. We must admit that we were a little skeptical when Babble first sprang-up due to the well-polished corporate look, but we've been won over by Babble's community features, product information, and great collection of parent blogs. (found in General Baby & Parenting Blogs)


Our current writer has so many blogs in motion, we couldn't choose which one to feature. Kristen Chase writes for two very popular blogs you may already know about including Motherhood Uncensored and Cool Mom Picks (along with Liz Gumbinner), but did you know that Kristen's Motherhood Uncensored is now streaming on Blog Talk Radio? Check it out and like Kristen says, "the faint of heart need not apply; and weak bladders are welcome."

To the Rookie Moms Blog

Dr.MOZ's featured blog of the week is the Rookie Moms Blog! Heather and Whitney blog about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and the products that go along with these experiences. You may also be interested in their main website which has, "300 activities that are more fun than cleaning someone's tushy!". ( found in Mom Blogs)

To mod*mom
Dr.MOZ's blog of the moment is mod*mom! We're not sure how we first found out about mod*mom, but we are sure glad we did! This "must read" mod collectin covers everything from vintage toys to retro design and technology. Check it out today, you'll dig it! (found in Gear, Gadgets, & Nursery)
To RebelDad's Blog
Dr.MOZ's dad blog of the week is Rebel Dad! The big daddy of all stay-at-home-dad blogs, Brian puts the stay-at-home dad trend under the microscope. Always a great read, Rebel Dad offers useful links and SAHD resources like the stay-at-home dad group and playgroups map. (found in Dad Blogs)
To the MomSquawk Blog

Dr.MOZ's featured mom blog of the week is MomSquawk; a diverse group of women who are all new and/or expecting mothers. This no holds barred collection of mom bloggers also host the increasingly active MomSquawk Forum (found in Mom Blogs)

To Sarah and the Goon Squad
Dr.MOZ's mom blog of the week is Sarah and the Goon Squad! Sarah covers everything from Nascar romance novels to her new found love for vaccuming in peace. In short, we dig it...and Dr.MOZ thinks that you'll dig Sarah and the Goon Squad as well! (found in Mom Blogs)

This week's featured mommy blog is MamaPop! The MamaPop crew covers a lot of ground beyond motherhood including: Pop Culture,and All Things Entertainment, Mama-Style! (found in Mom Blogs) Note: Servers may be overwhelmed due to popularity, but they'll be back up soon!


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