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We're currently updating our "in the news" section, but here's a collection of some of major media outlets and fantastic parenting publications that have featured Dr.MOZ daddy gifts and gear in the past.


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Parenting, Baby, & Children's Blogs



Cool Mom Picks (Stork Tools Daddy Diaper Bags): "Indeed, the Stork Tools Daddy Diaper Bag looks as terrific as we expected, from the stylish two-toned exterior to the superhero-esque logo on the front. (more)

Mom Generations: "This is sure to make the (possibly nervous) lucky dad relax and know everything will be all right as he prepares for the road ahead." (more)

People's Celebrity Baby Blog: Famous new daddies Patrick Dempsey, Jon Stewart, Heath Ledger, Jack Black, Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler, Tobey Maguire, Tiger Woods, Seal, and Liev Schreiber all receive the GoodFather as part of Hot Dads Goody Bag. (more)

YoKiddo: "The results are in and the numbers aren’t surprising to Dr.MOZ. Exactly 0% of new and expecting fathers polled are interested in using diaper bags designed for women." (more)

Goody Blog: "He'll get the need-to-know deets on taking care of the kid, and be entertained while he's at it." (more)

DadCentric: "If you’re a new dad and have neither the time nor patience to wade through a 350 page book…you’ll enjoy this great resource." (more)

UrbanBaby: "...a humorous, animated CD that ushers new dads through the maze of information about infant care." (more)

CleverParents: Cool Dad Resource: Mob Boss Teaches New Dads How to Swaddle (more)

People's Celebrity Baby Blog: "An entertaining parody of a famous mobster epic, The GoodFather CD-ROM has everything a new dad needs to know from diaper duty to handling new grandparents competing for 'baby time'.”(more)

Baby Chic 101: "...combines two of the most popular gifts for new and expecting dads in one." (more)

About.com: "This might just be the coolest Father's Day gift I've seen in a while." (more)

ParentDish: "Someone in your life about to be a new dad this holiday season? Well, lucky for him, Dr. Moz introduces us to "The Goodfather" (more)
Babble: "Don’t give dad an embarrassing purse-like bag that he won’t use. Give time a handy tool belt in the form of a bag!" (more)
Hip and Trendy Baby: "...perfect for hip and trendy Dads who need to carry baby supplies." (more)
Baby Boy Blog: "The Goodfather by Dr. Moz provides every new dad with those classic parenting skills provided by none other than a parody on Don Corleone himself. This is a sure must have for any new dad." (more)
Posh Little Baby Blog: "Get him is own manly man diaper bag from Dr. Moz! With beefy handles, mp3 pocket and earbud port, this handsome carry all diaper bag will label him the super studdly dad that he is." (more)

Digital Dad: "If you know of a dad to be then this would be a very good gift. Knowledge is power!" (more)

Parent Hacks: "What to get the expectant dad who has everything? If he's a Brando, Pacino, or Gandolfini fan, check out The GoodFather..." (more)

Crazedparent: "Pop in his new CD-Rom, add some attitude, an Italian accent, some laughter, and your set." (more)

Cool Mom Picks (The GoodFather): "...an exceedingly clever primer to help guys get comfortable with all that birthin' babies stuff from the get-go. And surprise--they'll actually enjoy it." (more)

More press scheduled to be added to the list soon!
Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!

Television & TV Networks Online



Fine Living Network: Episode "Wedding Invitations, Gas Grills, Buying for Pregnant Women and Beneficial Pet Treats" (more)

MSNBC.com: Gifts for new or expecting dads who want to look cool while parenting. By Teri Goldberg (more)

RogersTV (Canada): Thanks to Roger's channel 22 based in Ottawa Canada for featuring The GoodFather gift CD-ROM! (more)
NBC's "TechNOW": Dr.MOZ's President Jason Baxter is interviewed by TechNOW's Scott McGrew about the world's first interactive new daddy instructional software. (more)
WRAL TV: Elizabeth Gardner and Lynda Loveland of Raleigh NC's WRAL TV have idea's for Parents-To-Be and The GoodFather made the list for expecting dads along with a few other great products. (more)
1490 WCCM: Dr.MOZ's President, Founder Jason Baxter discuss The GoodFather gift for new dads on Marc Lemay's "Live in the PM Drive" on 1490 WCCM of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.
More press scheduled to be added to the list soon!
Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!

Magazines & Newspapers

Chicago Tribune: GoodFather has advice for new poud papas, by Alex Goldfayn (more)
Parents: The GoodFather gift CD-ROM featured in Parents magazine! (more)
Jet Magazine, Belgium: Peter Costermans told us that all of Belgium would soon know about The GoodFather for new dads...he wasn't kidding! Web traffic has been through the roof. Hello Belgium! (more)
Châtelaine, Canada: May's issue of Châtelaine features Dr.MOZ's GoodFather gift CD-ROM for new and expecting dads! (more)
Pregnancy Magazine: See page 46 for Dr.MOZ's GoodFather new daddy gift in September's issue! (more)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Thanks to Rhonda Owen for including Dr.MOZ daddy gifts in "Toy Box"....now we know how the big "Bemossed" baby naming trend got started! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is subscription-based)
BusinessWeek.com: "Give him the information and baby-care tips he needs from an entertaining, yet informative, parenting CD-ROM." (more)
The Charlotte Post: Cheris Hodges of the The Charlotte Post provides a nice list of innovative new daddy gifts in this Saturday's "Surprise Gifts Dad will Like" and Dr.MOZ is thrilled to be included. (more)
The Seattle Times: Father knows best that CD has tips for being good dad (more)
The Times Picayune: Thanks for introducing Dr.MOZ to the all the GoodFathers in New Orleans Angus! (more)
MacWorld: "I've read a number of baby-parenting books, but Dr.Moz's $35 The GoodFather is the first interactive CD-ROM I've seen...there's a lot of good information inside for new dads and moms." (online by subscription)
Specialty Retail Report: We would like to thank Specialty Retail Report for including The GoodFather gift CD-ROM in the Spring issue's Showcase section! (more)
Post Bulletin: Thanks to the Post-Bulletin of Rochester, Minnesota for featuring the good doctor's gift for dads! (online by subscription)
GizMag (Australia): "...if you’re looking for a gift for a new or infanticipating male, this is something that could conceivably benefit several people through assisting a new father become an active and informed parent." (print and online)
More press scheduled to be added to the list soon!
Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!

Gift & Trend Blogs


Josh Spear: "Definitely the coolest thing on the market for modern dads." (more)

Uncrate: "It's an offer you can't refuse." (more)

Strange New Products: "A great gift to compliment the "inner hit man" in dads-to-be, and Soprano-watching guys everywhere." (more)

Neatorama: "When expecting a baby, the Goodfellas in all of men need the "Goodfather", a funstructional CD-ROM to teach men how to handle "a baby they can’t refuse". (more)

More press scheduled to be added to the list soon!

Dr.MOZ's home of Daddy Gifts and Gear!

Tech & Game Websites/Blogs



Wired's GeekDad: "..has the double attraction of being cooly gender-neutral in color scheme, and being designed with modern, geekier dads and moms in mind. But it’s the features that really make this bag a step up." (more)

Aeropause: "I like the idea of this new interactive CD-ROM from Dr. Moz, it is quite hilarious." (more)
Gizmodo: “...had I browsed the GoodFather interactive new daddy educational disk, I would have discovered how to swaddle, change, and feed the monster without incident.” (more)

Techie Diva: "This is what happens when mobsters meet fatherhood." (more)

c/net: "If you're a new or expecting dad who happens to be a Godfather fanatic, consider yourself fortunate." (more)

Guardian UK Games Blog: "Egads, there's a game for everything!" (more)

The Independent Gaming Source: "...if you’re a new dad who’s not willing to shell out 35 bucks to learn how to take care of your kid, then please get a vasectomy right now. Seriously." (more)
More press scheduled to be added to the list soon!


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